Published: 29 July 2020

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Statement from our Director

10 June 2020 Update

Trust Director Julian Carnell says:

We're good to go with retreats at SharphamFollowing our closure at the end of March due to the Coronavirus the Trust is now actively planning to re-start retreats in July, in accordance with the Government’s timetable. We will be following the government guidelines on social distancing and any other measures that are deemed necessary to ensure safety.

Woodland Retreats

Our outdoor woodland site will re-open on July 7 with adaptations and precautions in place to allow social distancing to be maintained. Woodland Retreats can be booked here and further details of our Coronavirus arrangements and protocols can be viewed here.

Sharpham House

The main House retreats will start on July 27. We will be reducing numbers and all participants will have a single-occupancy room. We will be putting in place measures and procedures to ensure social distancing can be maintained, together with an enhanced cleaning regime. Sharpham House Retreats can be booked here and further details of Coronavirus arrangements and more detailed information can be viewed here.

The Barn Retreat

We do not have a date yet for re-opening the Barn Retreat. We will review the situation on an on-going basis, however we are delighted to annouce a new programme of 3 day Barn themed Retreats at Home (see also below). 

Online Retreats

Our online retreats are proving very popular and we are currently offering day long retreats, as well as new 3 day Barn themed retreat. We are keen to retain the unique characteristics of a Sharpham experience so, unlike many online offerings, we limit the numbers to retain small group interaction and sharing opportunities.
For details of our new Barn at Home Retreat as well as our other online retreats click here

Click here for our Coronavirus Temporary Cancellation & Transfers Policy 

As a small charity we are facing a serious financial challenge, particularly in terms of our cash flow over the coming months. If you can help by making a donation here – - we would be extremely grateful.

Our aim is to ensure the long-term viability of The Trust and the Sharpham Estate so that we can continue to help benefit all the people that visit us. We will keep people updated through our website and newsletter – sign up here:

Lastly all of us here at The Trust hope that you have the support needed to navigate these difficult times. We are supporting and maintaining our community here at Sharpham through this time via our large collection of free meditations that you can play or download from our website here:

We hope that your involvement with Sharpham will help to sustain you in these difficult times and we look forward to welcoming you back to the estate in the near future.

Updates from The Sharpham Trust

We are reviewing the situation daily and will communicate any changes quickly if it becomes necessary via this page, via email and through our social media networks.

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