Helene Weiss

a month ago, on Google
We went to the Christmas Concert and Carols and it was absolutely stunning! The string quartet was a dream and played a fun variety of music. The setting in the hall gave an incredible sound and atmosphere. A truly memorable evening!


a month ago, on Google
A truly tranquil, beautiful place. I attended the 3 day mindfulness course and have benefited so much from it. I will definitely return for one of the longer retreats.

Scott Crowley

2 months ago, on Google
As a venue for a meditative retreat, this is hard to beat. An utterly stunning location, far from the madding crowd. I attended the Autumn Nurture retreat in 2019 and the leaders - Ollie, Brigit and Cami - were superb. An excellent mix of meditation, silence, autumn walks and creative exercises. A mixed crowd of people from all walks of life, all there ready to slow down and share. Glorious veggie food (and I say this as a meat eater), full digital detox, and the time to reflect. As a relatively new meditator (2 years or so) I attended this mainly to enable me to meditate for longer. It achieved that, but much more, and was a truly profound experience. And all for barely more than you'd pay if Sharpham was a hotel; less in fact if you take into account three meals a day.. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Stacey-george Hemes

4 months ago, on Google
Just back off a mindfulness retreat. I'm so at peace with everything and I've never had my mind stop racing. The leaders were amazing all staff were exceptionally friendly. Carl in the kitchen went above and beyond for me I cant thank him enough. The scenery is smooth of this world the food although I'm not a veggie I didn't miss meat at all it was amazing and all veg freshly picked that day it was outstanding. Thank you for changing my life. X

David Hardy

a month ago, on Google
Had a great night at Sharpham House, singing Christmas Carols with a string quartet, whilst drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies. A wonderful asset to the Totnes community.

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