Coronavirus Arrangements: Sharpham House Retreats

From the 4th July the government has given the go-ahead for the hospitality and accommodation sectors to re-open as part of easing the lockdown restrictions. In line with this advice we will be gradually re-starting our programme with our Woodland Retreats starting from the 7th July and Sharpham House Retreats from 24th July.

Social Distancing

We will be following social distancing guidelines and carefully developing our risk assessment planning to ensure that we can make your stay here as safe as possible. We will put in place procedures designed to maintain a 2metre social distancing when participants are inside the main House. Obviously this will mean some changes to our usual practices but we hope participants will understand the need for these changes.


We are only offering single occupancy bedrooms

  • There are 20 bedrooms in the main House and four new bedrooms in the Coachyard
  • There will be a maximum of 24 participants on retreat split in to two groups of twelve where necessary
  • All bed linen and towels are professionally laundered between retreats

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • The House will be deep cleaned between retreats
  • Communal bathrooms and shared spaces will be regularly cleaned
  • Disinfectant materials will be provided in all bathrooms for participants to use if they so wish
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at multiple locations
  • Staff will wear appropriate PPE where necessary
  • We will control and limit access to the House by people not involved in the retreat


  • Carefully managing catering arrangements
  • Food prepared by staff following the appropriate guidelines
  • Participants split in to two groups with staggered meal times
  • Creating two dining rooms to allow for socially distanced seating
  • Participants can eat outside weather permitting


  • Indoor activities will be run in two groups of about twelve people to allow for social distancing
  • Two meditation rooms will be created to allow for social distancing
  • Weather permitting outdoor activities will take place where social distancing is easier

If Someone Falls ill?

  • If a participant becomes ill they will be able to self-isolate in their bedroom before leaving to return home where they can self-isolate as per the Public England guidelines
  • If a member of staff falls ill they will leave the retreat and appropriate cover will be put in place

If Participants Fall ill prior to the Retreat?

  • If you have any of the symptoms associated with the virus you should take the appropriate advice
  • You should not attend the retreat if you have symptoms within two weeks of the start date
  • In this scenario an option to transfer will be given

Should I Wear a Mask?

  • The current advice is that masks have limited benefits
  • We will not expect participants to wear masks but we will not prevent people doing so if they want to
  • Staff will wear masks when preparing or serving food and/or cleaning

How Should I Travel to the Retreat?

  • This is a personal choice
  • We have sufficient car parking
  • If you use public transport such as the train you can get a taxi from Totnes station to Sharpham

What if I am Anxious?

  • This is understandable and our leaders and staff will do everything to try and reassure participants and ensure you are safe
  • For some people it might not be the right time to come on retreat, this is a personal decision and depends on many factors

What if the situation changes?

  • We are constantly monitoring the situation, if necessary we will cancel the retreat and refund participants
  • We would aim to do this with adequate notice

We are aware that this has been a difficult and stressful time for many and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Sharpham. Our hope is that our programme of retreats will offer a much needed opportunity for contemplation and personal reflection to help you take stock of the extraordinary times we are living in, as well as opportunities for connection with each other and with the natural world.

If you would like to know more about the information on this page, please contact:

Name: Programme Administrator
Tel: 01803 732542
Email: [email protected]
Address: Sharpham Trust, West Wing Office, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7UT