8-week online course: Mindfulness for Health & Well-being

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An excellent opportunity to practice and integrate mindfulness into your daily life from the comfort of your own home. It is especially appropriate for helping participants navigate these challenging times.

This course is fine for mindfulness beginners, as well as those wishing to refresh and practice their skills. 

Hands on your heart

The course is a synthesis of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and is led in real time by highly experienced mindfulness teachers. Click the Leaders tab above to find out more about them.

The weekly two-hour sessions provide an in-depth exploration of mindfulness skills and techniques within an internationally tried-and-tested framework, also recognised by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence. 

The course will take place online using the platform Zoom (see further information below to ensure you have the minimum tech requirements). We'll send out guidance for using Zoom when you book and a guide to getting the best out of this course. 

What will you learn on this course?

  • An understanding and recognition of our tendency to live much of life on autopilot and the skills and techniques to help us become more fully present
  • Mindfulness practices and skills to help manage stress and enhance wellbeing in your daily lifeMindfulness meditation courses at The Sharpham Trust
  • An increased ability to relax and cope with difficult and stressful situations
  • An ability to be steadier with whatever is happening without resisting it or judging it as good or bad
  • Self-compassion and being kinder to all aspects of yourself
  • Lessons on how to apply mindfulness to your daily life by after the course has finished 
  • A link to an online coursebook with audio files specially tailored to the course (which can also be used after the course has been completed)


Is this course for me & how can I do this at home?

The course is suitable for most adults aged 18 and above who want to learn mindfulness as an aid to everyday health and well-being. You will be taught by experienced and qualified teachers in an online group of no more than 20 people, with opportunities to share your experience in smaller 'break out groups'. The focus of the course is experiential rather than theoretical with practices to do in between sessions.

To get the most out of this course you will need a room in your home where you will not be distracted by other people and which can serve as a confidential space.

Technical requirements

The course will take place using the online platform Zoom. To use Zoom you will need a computer or a phone with a speaker and camera. Full instructions will be sent with your Welcome email when you book.

You can also download the Zoom app here to familiarise yourself with it and make sure it meets your system requirements.

Mental health

Although mindfulness can be helpful in managing depression and anxiety, our courses and retreats are not recommended for people who are currently experiencing an episode of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression or other psychiatric illness. We do not offer mindfulness as a ‘clinical intervention', but rather as an aid to everyday health, wellbeing and helping prevent relapse.

As part of your application please complete and return the questionnaire provided, to give the teachers some idea of your level of support and whether the course is right for you at this time. If necessary one of the teachers may ring you to clarify issues, and you also may wish to contact us for clarification if you have any questions.

The 8 week course is also a requirement in order to undertake a mindfulness based teacher training, however the course does not qualify you to teach mindfulness. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course as proof of your attendance (minimum of 6 sessions)

Level of commitment

Mindfulness is a practical skill and a habit, rather than a theory or body of knowledge.

Before signing up for the course it is important to recognise that getting real lasting benefit requires the commitment of regular time and effort. It is similar to getting physically fit – you need to practice regularly to train your ‘mental muscle’. 

To get the most from the course we recommend you attend all 8 sessions and carry out the suggested home practice, which is a gentle but regular daily discipline of various meditation and awareness practices, with the help of guidance from carefully tailored audio resources offered by Sharpham Teachers. 

We recommend trying to set aside 40 minutes a day, which can be spread around your schedule. You will receive plenty of support for this, including how to fit it into your life.  It may seem a stretch at first, but once the habit starts to be established, most people find it invaluable and highly motivating.

After the 8-week course

After undertaking this course, many go on to our Retreats at Sharpham, with accommodation in our Grade 1-Listed Sharpham House or at the Barn Retreat Centre or on our Woodland Retreats to help continue and support their practice


Dates and times

Every Tuesday via Zoom, 7pm-9pm from 9 March to 27 April. 




It has been an unforgettable experience for me in so many ways.

To partially quote from 'Prelude' by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, (one of the great poems you shared with us, thank you!) you, Sharpham and the course have become some of "the people and places and practices that offer me the warmth of encouragement I need to unfold" and I have learnt to be able to "recognize and receive" this.


I learnt to be more accepting of how I am. To live more in the present. That worrying over a problem is not the way to solve it


I learnt to be kind to myself when suffering from panic or stress, and using breath to soften feelings.

The course will take place online using the platform Zoom




£195.00 per person 

Book easily and securely online below, or by phoning 01803 732542

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Limited bursaries are available for those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact our Programme Administrator on [email protected] at least 4 weeks in advance if you wish to apply

Professor Katherine Weare

Professor Katherine Weare

Katherine is a keen and committed member of the team of teachers at Sharpham, teaching on the secular retreats and 8 week courses, and regularly delivers dharma talks at the Sharpham Barn Retreat Centre. She was drawn into  mindfulness 15 years ago when she found it a personal lifesaver during a major health crisis and trained to be a secular MBSR/MBCT teacher at the University of Exeter. Since then she has reframed her life around mindful awareness, with a daily vipassana practice supported by regular silent retreats, and was inspired by following the Committed Practitioner Programme at the Bodhi College on "early Buddhism for a secular age". She has also long been inspired by close contact with Plum Village and recently co-authored a best-selling book with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh 'Happy Teachers Change the World' which has been translated into 6 languages.  

She is further nurtured by a daily practice of yoga and pilates, and close contact with animals and nature, enjoying the outdoor life with her family in south Devon.

Her practice and teaching is based within a long professional career in Universities and in policy work to promote wellbeing and mindfulness across the UK and Europe, all of which helps her keep up with current thinking and practice on mindfulness in the wider world. She is Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton, and Honorary Professor and Associate at the University of Exeter. She is currently leading work with Mind and Life Europe to help their mission to bring together modern science and contemplative wisdom, heading up a growing Community of Contemplative Education of experts and practitioners across Europe.  She is also co-lead for Education for the Mindfulness Initiative, set up by the All Party Parliamentary Group on mindfulness and wellbeing to develop evidence-based secular mindfulness across the UK.

Patti Summerville

Patti Summerville

Patti began a personal meditation practice in 1996 after a retreat at the Tushita Institute, Dharamsala, India. Over the years her practice has been influenced by Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist traditions. In 2013 she was a co-ordinator at The Barn Retreat Centre, an Insight Mindfulness Meditation Retreat centre at Sharpham. Patti trained to be a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with Exeter University in 2014 and an Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2009 at the Sri Swami Satchidananda Ashram. On a personal level Patti has found great benefit integrating mindfulness practice into her everyday, private and professional life as a retreat leader at Sharpham and Occupational Therapist and is passionate about supporting others on their journey towards more contented, peaceful and compassionate lives.

Lynne Roberts

Lynne Roberts

Lynne was an NHS physiotherapist for 30 years until she retired due to a long-term health condition. She has been practising mindfulness meditation formally and within everyday life for about 20 years. Her practice came out of her own personal suffering and her ongoing practice has allowed her to flourish since.

She has taught mindfulness within the NHS for staff, to patients with long-term conditions, in education, to carers in the community and to the general public at Sharpham and within other community settings.

Lynne’s training has taken place at Bangor and Exeter University, through Breathworks and the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

She has a deep desire to share the potential this work can offer having gained so much personal benefit and witnessing the support it can give people who commit to this work.

Ollie Frame

Ollie Frame

Ollie Frame works as an integrative therapist, mindfulness teacher and retreat leader. He is a co-leader on the Mindful in Nature programme at Sharpham, for which he has produced a large range of meditations and resources. He teaches the eight-week course in various settings, including to the general public, to teachers and students in schools and colleges, and to various other client groups on behalf of Devon County Council. Also trained to teach the Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) course, he is especially enthusiastic about self-compassion, Metta meditation and other heart-based approaches within the world of mindfulness. As an integrative therapist, Ollie has a particular interest in Psychosynthesis, depth psychology, inner journeying and the therapeutic use of meditation and the imagination. 

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