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Our weekly online sits happen every Tuesday at 7pm - sign up to below to receive email alerts.

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A series of meditation sessions brought to you by The Sharpham Trust.

These 40-minute sessions - a 30-minute meditation with 5 minutes either side - will be a weekly space to sit and connect through meditation guided by Sharpham Trust teachers and volunteer coordinators.

"Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others
                                                              - Harriet Goldhor Lerner


Retreats at Home

During this online sit, you'll get:

  • a weekly moment to pause and sit together
  • the opportunity to be part of a supportive group of fellow meditators
  • meditation led by Sharpham Trust teachers and Barn coordinators

Who is this for?

This online sit is for people with all types of meditation experience, from beginner to experienced - anyone who would like to connect with their practice in the supportive company of others.

To get the most out of this session you will need a room or place in your home where you will not be distracted by other people or sounds.

To join you will need to be fully available for the duration of the session, helping to create a greater sense of group coherence with less distraction for your fellow meditators.

Online meditation from The Sharpham Trust
Cottonbro Studio

Technical requirements

We will be using the online application Zoom to meditate with each other.

To use Zoom you will need a computer or a phone with a speaker and camera. Full instructions will be sent with each Online Meditation Alert or you can access them here.

You can also download the Zoom app here to familiarise yourself with it and make sure it meets your system requirements.


This online sit is by donation or free.

Donations go towards paying the meditation leader - many of whom are part-time and self-employed.

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Meditate in headphones on our weekly sit at Sharpham

Session recordings

Many of you have asked us to record and share these meditations, so our sessions will be recorded, edited by The Sharpham Trust and put online for people to access, accessible here:

We're only recording audio, not video, and any post-meditation discussion will be edited out and will not be used.

Your participation in the session is taken as consent for us to do this.


The session will begin at 7pm on Tuesdays. Please be prompt.

Each session will incorporate a 30-minute sit, with enough time on either side to settle in.

Date Leader Theme
March 26 Lucy Chan Touching peace
April 2 Ethan Pollock Non-identification
April 9 Lynne Holmes Being in the body
April 16 Lucy Chan Sitting with uncertainty
April 23 Jess Stein Befriending restlessness
April 30 Will Evans Emotional awareness
May 7 Will Evans Resting in the body
May 14 Lynne Holmes Heartfulness
May 21 Ethan Pollock Safe Space Meditation
May 28 Jess Stein The wise & kind witness
June 4 Nadia Karim Developing the heart's resilience
June  11 Nina Jankelson Finding Earth: Mind, Heart and Body
June 18 Will Evans Holding experience with kindness
June 25 Tasha Bassingthwaighte Returning home to our bodies
July 2 Nadia Karim Appreciation for life
July 9 Rupert Marques Renunciation
July 16 Ethan Pollock Imagery to support meditation
July 23 Lynne Holmes This one precious moment
July 30 Jess Stein Mindful daydreaming
August 6 Nadia Karim Becoming sensitive to the body
August 13 Ethan Pollock Soften, Soothe, Allow - Working with difficult experiences
August 20 Jess Stein Self-forgiveness
August 27 Lynne Homes Navigating the difficult
September 3 Lucy Chan Self-compassion
September 10 Nadia Karim Connecting with all that supports us
September 17 Nina Jankelson Silence and Stillness in the Spaces in Between
September 24 Ethan Pollock Meditating with nature



The online meditation I attended was well organised, with an excellent balance of varied meditations and chances to talk. Lots to think about afterwards. Would recommend wholeheartedly

Pat Smith
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