Sharpham People

Daniel Stokes
Daniel Stokes Chair of Trustees Read more +
William Lana
William Lana Trustee Read more +
Martin Wright
Martin Wright Trustee Read more +
Charlotte Rathbone
Charlotte Rathbone Trustee Read more +
Julie Richardson
Julie Richardson Deputy Chair of Trustees Read more +
Jane Sillis
Jane Sillis Trustee Read more +
Eve Annecke Trustee Read more +
Julian Carnell
Julian Carnell Director Read more +
Ben Ballard
Ben Ballard Programme Manager Read more +
Amy Ruewell
Amy Ruewell HR & Admin Manager Read more +
Sara Widdicombe
Sara Widdicombe Finance Officer Read more +
Katie Tokus
Katie Tokus Marketing & Communications Officer Read more +
Margot Eliadis
Margot Eliadis Programme Administrator Read more +
Lisa Carnell
Lisa Carnell Education & Events Coordinator Read more +
Verity Weedon
Verity Weedon Bookkeeper Read more +
Tasha Bassingthwaighte
Tasha Bassingthwaighte Barn Retreat Manager Read more +
Nina Jankelson Assistant Barn Manager Read more +
Patti Summerville Coach House Manager Read more +
Wendy Greek
Wendy Greek Coach House Cook Read more +
Frank Gillet Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Rachel Cottam, retreat leader at The Coach House Sharpham Trust
Rachel Cottam GP Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Nicky Reed
Nicky Reed Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Janey Dornheim
Janey Dormheim House Manager Read more +
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall Sharpham House Cook Read more +
Christian Llewellyn
Christian Llewellyn Caretaker Read more +
Frances Tophill
Frances Tophill Head Gardener Read more +
Bryony Middleton Head Gardener Read more +
Amanda Lee-Cornell
Amanda Lee-Cornell Housekeeper Read more +
Sarah Blockley
Sarah Blockley Housekeeper Read more +
Rachel Probert
Rachel Probert Housekeeper Read more +
Georgie Byrom
Georgie Byrom Housekeeper Read more +
Lindsay Alderton Volunteer Co-ordinator Read more +
Luciana Edwards Barn Gardener Read more +
Clare McCarthy
Clare McCarthy Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Ben Murray
Ben Murray Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Toria Hare at The Sharpham Trust
Toria Hare Volunteer & Mindful in Nature Officer Read more +