Here at The Sharpham Trust we are developing a community of practitice - within our core team of mindfulness teachers and coordinators.

We work with experienced retreat leaders who warmly offer wisdom, practical advice and ideas to ensure that your mindfulness experience continues in your daily life.

Ajahn Jutindharo Read more +
Amanda Tyler
Amanda Tyler Read more +
Portrait of Antonia Sumbundu
Antonia Sumbundu Read more +
Armel Wraight Read more +
Barn Coordinators
Barn Coordinators Read more +
Barry Thurgood
Barry Thurgood Read more +
Ben Murray
Ben Murray - Volunteer Coordinator Read more +
Brigit-Anna McNeill
Brigit-Anna McNeill Read more +
Bryony Middleton - Head Gardener Read more +
Caroline Low - Qi Gong Teacher Read more +
Charlie Ivermee
Charlie Ivermee Read more +
Coach House Coordinators
Coach House Coordinators Read more +
Daverick Leggett
Daverick Leggett Read more +
Deborah Latham
Deborah Latham Read more +
Dene Donalds
Dene Donalds Read more +
Elaine Marshall-Bradley, volunteer coordinator at The Coach House
Elaine Marshall-Bradley - Volunteer retreat coordinator Read more +
Ella Boston & David Perkins
Ella Boston and David Perkins Read more +
Emily Roblyn
Emily Roblyn Read more +
Emma Capper
Emma Capper Read more +
Emma Thom
Emma Thom Read more +
Ethan Pollock
Ethan Pollock Read more +
Felice Rhiannon Read more +
Frank Gillet - volunteer coordinator Read more +
Gavin Milne Read more +
Guy Clarke
Guy Clarke
Guy Clarke Read more +
Hannah, Barn coordinator
Hannah Cavender Read more +
Israh Goodall
Israh Goodall Read more +
Jaya Rudgard
Jaya Rudgard Read more +
Jenny Wilks Read more +
Jess Stein
Jess Stein Read more +
John Phibbs MBE
John Phibbs Read more +
Jon Howell
Jon Howell - Fermented Food leader Read more +
Julian Carnell
Julian Carnell - Trust Director Read more +
Kanada Elizabeth Gorla Read more +
Laura Bridgman
Laura Bridgman Read more +
Lindsay 2
Lindsay Alderton Read more +
Lisa Carnell
Lisa Carnell Read more +
Luci Edwards, gardener at The Barn retreat centre at Sharpham
Luciana Edwards - Barn Gardener Read more +
Lucy Chan
Lucy Chan Read more +
Lynette Robinson
Lynette Robinson Read more +
Lynne Holmes
Lynne Holmes Read more +
Lynne Roberts
Lynne Roberts Read more +
Maite Alonso, yoga meditation retreat leader at The Sharpham Trust
Maite Alonso Read more +
Martha Wright Read more +
Martin Saulite, volunteer coordinator at The Barn retreat centre at Sharpham
Martin Saulite Read more +
Martyna Raczka at The Sharpham Trust meditation centre
Martyna Raczka Read more +
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez Read more +
Mike Cooke - Ecologist Read more +
Mike Langman
Mike Langman Read more +
Nadia Abdel-Karim
Nadia Abdel-Karim Read more +
Nicky Reed
Nicky Reed - Volunteer retreat coordinator Read more +
Nigel Ohlson Read more +
Nigel Wellings
Nigel Wellings Read more +
Nina Jankelson - assistant manager of The Barn retreat centre at Sharpham
Nina Jankelson - Assistant Barn Manager Read more +
Nina Jankelson - assistant manager of The Barn retreat centre at Sharpham
Nina Jankelson - retreat leader Read more +
Ollie Frame
Ollie Frame Read more +
Patti Summerville Read more +
Professor Katherine Weare Read more +
Rachel Cottam
Rachel Cottam Read more +
Ramiro Ortega
Ramiro Ortega Read more +
Rupert Marques Read more +
Ruth Breznay, yoga meditation retreat leader at The Sharpham Trust
Ruth Breznay - Yoga Teacher Read more +
Shoshana Moskowitz Read more +
Sophy Banks
Sophy Banks Read more +
Steve Banks
Steve Banks Read more +
Tasha Bassingthwaighte
Tasha Bassingthwaighte - Barn Manager Read more +
Tasha Bassingthwaighte
Tasha Bassingthwaighte - retreat leader Read more +
Venerable Canda
The Venerable Canda Read more +
Vari McLuskie - leading Buddhist retreats at The Barn
Vari McLuskie
Vari McLuskie Read more +
Viren Jeram Read more +
Wendy Greek
Wendy Greek - Coach House Cook Read more +
Will Evans
Will Evans Read more +