Sharpham Wild for People is a project we delivered with partners Ambios Ltd, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund that has:

  • made more space for wildlife and taken action for nature
  • assisted in turning the Sharpham Estate organic
  • re-wilded parts of our historic landscape
  • helped more people engage with nature here

NEW: rewilding tours in June & July

A fantastic opportunity to spot wildlife & walk around the riverside landscape being rewilded on the Sharpham Estate with Jack Skuse, of Ambios Ltd, partners in our rewilding projects.

Families are welcome. 

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Rewilding at Sharpham - The Video

We reflect over four years of rewilding on The Sharpham Estate in this 4-minute video that shares the successes we've witnessed in restoring nature here.


How can YOU experience our rewilding?

1. Sign up for our Nature & Wildlife mailing list here to hear how YOU can get involved and witness our rewilding close up

2. Attend one of our Rewilding Tours or events such as our annual Bioblitz - see all our events here

3. Join a nature-connection retreat at The Coach House - most of which include a session visiting and explaining our rewilding project.

4. Join our rewilding volunteering sessions. Learn more here

5. Sign up to Ambios' training placements & experiences at Lower Sharpham Farm. View opportunities here

Common Blue butterfly on rewilding land at Sharpham

3 years into the project

See the progress of restoring nature over the past three years with this fantastic drone footage shot by Fresh Ground Films.

2 years into the project

More birds, insects and mammals in the second year of our project.


1 year into the project

Just leaving Nature alone for the year has resulted in more insects & birds.


Volunteer for our rewilding project

If you want to directly help in efforts to restore nature on the Sharpham Estate, there are TWO ways to volunteer for our rewilding project Sharpham Wild for People:

  1. A weekly conservation and estate group, Tuesdays 10.30am-3.30pm
  2. A monthly rewilding day, Fridays 10.30am-3.30pm
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