Our Vision

Sharpham is owned and cared for by The Sharpham Trust, a registered charity. We want to create a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally sustainable world.

Our aim is to connect people to the natural world and foster mindfulness and wellbeing. We do this through:

  • A programme of varied mindfulness retreats
  • Mindfulness courses
  • Public events and visits
  • Nature based training programmes
  • Managing the land organically to benefit wildlife through our rewilding project
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Our Values

  • An understanding of the interconnection of life
  • A deep respect for the natural world
  • A belief in learning through experience, creative engagement and enquiry
  • An acknowledgement of the value of stillness and awareness

Our Theory of Change

We have developed a Theory of Change which sets out our aims and objectives.

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Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism but is a secular practice which underpins activities at Sharpham.

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At Sharpham we are pregressively making more space for nature by rewilding the land and encouraging people to experience the benefits of this through connecting with nature.

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