Sharpham people

Here are some of the people who work for The Sharpham Trust.

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Director: Julian Carnell

Julian Carnell, Sharpham Trust Director

Julian oversees the entire Trust and the 550-acre Sharpham Estate. Originally a teacher he has worked overseas in international development before returning to his roots in Devon. He loves canoeing on the River Dart which meanders past the Estate.

“Sharpham is a special place that people fall in love with and I am privileged to have a brilliant staff team who work hard to create the Sharpham experience, which is one of caring and nurturing the individual and our environment."

"The positive feedback and stories people share with us make it all worthwhile.”

Trust Administrator: Amy Ruewell

Amy Ruewell, Sharpham Trust Administrator

Amy's is the voice you'll hear when you ring the Trust's general number.

She makes sure the Trust runs efficiently, thanks to her many years in hospitality and hotels, where she was a general manager.

Now she's happy to have a more peaceful day-job. "I want to make a difference and work as part of a team, and I've found it," she said. "It's beautiful here and everyone's so friendly."

Programme Administrator: Margot Eliadis

Margot Eliadis, Programme Administrator

Margot helps people book on events, retreats and courses that we run.

"In recent years I've started to enjoy meditation and yoga, so for me it's my dream job to work with the things that I'm passionate about in my personal life," says Margot.

Margot also administers Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground.

House Manager: Denise Scribbins

Denise Scribbins, House Manager

Denise runs the House, making sure it's fit for retreats, weddings and ceremonies.

She likes the variety of her work. "It's never boring!" she says.

Witnessing visitors appreciate the surroundings, the House and benefiting from their stay here helps to make Denise's work worthwhile. And that's particularly satisfying when they return again and again.

Assistant House Manager: Laura Ruiz

Laura Ruiz, Assistant House Manager

Laura runs the House with Denise, looking after the building and the people within it. She enjoys meeting everyone who comes through the door and helping them to get the most out of their time here, whether it's a retreat, a wedding or a public event. "Sharpham is such a beautiful, warm place to be. I want to share that feeling," she says.

Caretaker: Christian Llewellyn

Christian Llewellyn, Caretaker

Christian lives here and looks after Sharpham House & Grounds, and the Estate too! He's busy...

He's also a talented scuba-diver and underwater cameraman, specialising in submerged vessels. See his work here at Wrecks of the World on Instagram or on LinkedIn

Programme & Development Manager: Ben Ballard

Ben Ballard, Programme & Development Manager

Ben oversees the Sharpham programme of retreats and courses and develops new projects here on the estate.

Says Ben: "We live in a time of disconnection socially, environmentally and spiritually. Our programmes support people to reconnect through mindfulness and spending time with nature."

"It’s a privilege and an inspiration to work in an organisation that endeavours to support people to live a more compassionate and awake life."

Gardener: Bryony Middleton

Sharpham's gardener Bryony Middleton

Bryony's responsible for keeping our Grade II* gardens and parkland looking wonderful all-year-round, and ensuring that our Walled Garden feeds our participants properly with organic veg.

"It’s a great honour to work in these beautiful organic gardens, embedded in so much history. The heart of it for me is the beautiful walled vegetable garden and making it productive for the kitchen.

The team here are incredible, and it’s wonderful to be part of a place that supports the soil, the soul and society."

Kickstart trainees: Saiorse, Amy, Rory & Toby

Kickstart trainees at Sharpham

Kickstart trainees line upThese young horticulturists are lucky enough to be learning at the side of Bryony, taking on organic flower and vegetable growing techniques.

They're with us for just a few months. 

Finance Manager: Helen Camp

Helen Camp, Sharpham's Finance Manager

Helen Camp makes sure that Sharpham's finances are all in order.

When she's not doing the numbers, she's farming organically at Upper Sharpham Barton with her husband David and her three children.

Marketing & Communications Officer: Katie Tokus

Katie Tokus, Marketing & Communications Officer at Sharpham

Katie helps to make sure this website looks and sounds good, writes and sends our newsletter, talks to the media and sings better than Julian.

What inspires her about Sharpham? The birdsong and the food. Especially when the staff get leftovers.

Click here to find out how to get in touch with her, and other parts of the The Sharpham Trust.

Cook: Antony Wall

Antony Wall, our cook at Sharpham

Antony loves working with the fresh ingredients grown in our Walled Garden to create the vegetarian and vegan food that nourishes our retreatants.

“That's the best thing: being able to create some incredible stuff with something picked that morning and serve it the same day,” says Antony.

When he's not making delicious meals - he previously worked at Riverford Field Kitchen - he's exploring the trees here on the Sharpham Estate.

Kickstart trainee cook: Cameron Beresford

Cameron Beresford, Kickstart trainee

Cameron is with us temporarily as a Kickstart Trainee but has already learnt so much about vegetarian and vegan cooking.

"I've been learning recipes from the cookbook, some of which I'll be cooking my entire life," he said. "Especially the orange and almond cake!"

Volunteer & Mindful-in-Nature Co-ordinator: Lucy Bell

Sharpham's Lucy Bell, Mindful in Nature & volunteer coordinator

Lucy helps volunteers engage with The Trust and leads on the Mindful-in-Nature project, offering mental health recovery in the Great Outdoors.

"I love being outdoors and connecting with all elements of nature - I'm often out exploring in my campervan," says Lucy. She also has a passion for pottery and enjoys harvesting herbs and making delicious teas.

Education & Events Coordinator: Lisa Carnell

Lisa Carnell, Events and Education Coordinator at Sharpham

Lisa Carnell entices nature lovers and local schoolchildren to visit the Estate and learn about its rich wildlife and habitats.

"I want to encourage people to open their eyes to what is around them, because it's when you look closely that you discover more," she says.

"The beauty and exquisite landscape here is also so rich in natural wildlife because there's such a variety of habitats on the Sharpham Estate - and that's what makes my heart sing".

Accounts: Verity Weedon

Verity Weedon, accounts at The Sharpham Trust

Verity is our book-keeper, working part-time at Sharpham.

She loves nature and birds and enjoys coming to work here because of the amazing surroundings.

She says: "I just love the peacefulness and the work that we do - I wish everywhere was like this!"

Archive Coordinator: Polly Morrow

Polly Morrow, Archive Coordinator at The Sharpham Trust

It's Polly's job to coordinate the collation of our rich heritage.

She works with the dedicated volunteers who offer their time and skills to the Sharpham Archive in piecing together information, undertaking new research and preparing archive material for Sharpham's Open Days.

Says Polly: "The Sharpham Archive offers a fascinating view of the House, Estate and the people living and working here from 1260 until the present day. And the Sharpham Trust ethos is an integral part of why I, and the team of volunteers, find so much pleasure in being here."

Assistant Housekeeper: Amanda Lee-Cornell

Amanda Lee-Cornell, Assistant Housekeeper at Sharpham

Amanda helps to make sure Sharpham House is clean, comfy and tidy for us and our visitors - and she's great at it too.

"It's the only place I've ever worked where I leave feeling calmer than when I arrived," she says. "It's such a lovely place to work".

Assistant Housekeeper: Sarah Remy-Mitchelson

Sarah Remy Michelson, Assistant Housekeeper at Sharpham

Sarah is part of the vital housekeeping team that looks after Sharpham House.

"I like the peace and quiet and the people who work here," she says. "And I love meeting the people who come on retreats too, and knowing they're going away changed a little bit".

When Sarah's not housekeeping, she's making cyanotypes, including some with nature's artefacts that she finds at Sharpham. 

Assistant Housekeeper: Sarah Blockley

Sarah Blockley, Assistant Housekeeper at Sharpham

Sarah is part of the vital housekeeping team that looks after Sharpham House.

She says: "It's genuinely beautiful and tranquil here. Every morning when I drive onto the Estate I feel blessed that this is where I come and that's a rare thing."

If you would like to know more about the information on this page, please contact:

Name: Amy Ruewell, Trust Administrator
Tel: 01803 732055
Email: [email protected]
Address: Sharpham House, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, UK, TQ9 7UT