People: meet Martin, our newest coordinator at The Barn

13th July, 2023
by Katie | 1 Min Read
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Martin Saulite, volunteer coordinator at The Barn at Sharpham


The reluctant gardener...

Meet Martin Saulite, our newest volunteer retreat coordinator at The Barn.

He's a seasoned retreat-centre-dweller and he knows Ben Murray from shared times in retreat centres in Scotland.

Martin is enthusiastic about living in community. He says: "I've lived in retreat centres and communities and I really find a benefit in living with others. It's rich for learning. I can be challenging definitely living with others but ultimately it's growthful, rich and it just makes sense."

"The modern world can be quite communities, I feel like things are taken care of and supportive. I do my bit and they do theirs and it feels safe," he says.

The Barn's outdoor life - with daily gardening sessions - presents a bit of a challenge though. "I'm a slightly reluctant gardener but I'm OK when I get going. It's in our daily routine but I feel a bit of resistance, so this will be good for me," says Martin.

In his spare time, Martin sings and plays guitar and he's hoping to explore Sharpham, and Devon, on his bicycle too.