New Barn Coordinator Ben

New Barn Coordinator Ben

Published: 20 February 2023

Hello Ben!

We welcome Ben Murray to join the team of Volunteer Coordinators at The Barn. Picture of new Barn retreat coordinator Ben Murray

Ben, 36, has been interested in philosophy and community for a long time and has experience living and working at retreat centres on Holy Isle and at Plum Village in France.

"It's probably one of the main reasons I was attracted to The Barn role, he said. "It's really quite similar to what they offer at Plum Village in terms of the nature connection, a big emphasis on community and, of course, the mindfulness"

Ben worked on the Happy Farm within Plum Village and therefore he'll be well suited to working and practising in The Barn's gardens. When he's not writing, drawing and crafting, that is.

Ben plays guitar, writes songs and has written and performed a show at the Edinburgh Free Fringe. 

The show was a children's story about a girl living on a remote island visited by nature spirits who lead her towards greater wisdom. 

Illustrations from Ben Murray's book showing red-haired girl with friendly tree spirit and under the stars

He self-published and illustrated a book version of the story too, enjoys painting and drawing and has continued playing his guitar and songwriting since arriving at The Barn. 

"My creativity comes out more when I'm living in community," he said. "My wellbeing and practice is strengthened by being in community. I get a lot back from volunteering and giving."

Enjoy this Ben Murray song-video, filmed on Holy Isle:

See Ben Murray's song video filmed on Holy Isle

And his thoughts on living on the Sharpham Estate? "I am looking forward to experiencing the landscape over the coming year and it will be great to see Spring arriving," he said.


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