Lynette leaves The Barn

9th September, 2018
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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Lynette Robinson has given a year of her life in service to The Barn. Here she reflects on her time at The Sharpham Trust.

As I write this I’m in my last two weeks of life as a Barn Coordinator.

A year as In-House Coordinator came to completion in May and  since then I’ve spent a glorious summer living in the little cabin near the vegetable gardens as Support Coordinator.

Here at The Barn, a work retreat is in process this week, and I reflect on what a great theme to round off my time here, in supporting a work retreat.  An enthusiastic community of individuals are inside, offering their service and skills, nurture and care for the fabric of our beautiful Barn.

Throughout the months I’ve been here on my own extended ‘work’ retreat,  I’ve resonated deeply with Toni Packer’s book ‘The Work of This Moment’.

Barn life has so richly invited me to partake in a wealth of inner (and outer) work of each moment...

I feel gratitude for the insights, challenges and growth that living in community has offered me.  It truly was an honour and delight to give service at The Barn and to have shared such a beautiful space with so many fellow travellers. Thank you all!

It felt like as each retreat began, we set sail together across uncharted seas into the unknown. Casting off as strangers I loved ‘meeting so many of you’ through our daily heart sharings together, and in stillness. So beautiful!

As I ‘sailed’, Rumi’s poem 'The Guest House’  was often my heart’s refuge. Learning to honour and be with ‘this being human’, practising holding emotions and thoughts arising as gently and compassionately as I was able.  Mindfulness in the grit of life challenges!

A broken wrist a month after arriving. With October came the sudden passing of my beloved father and new visitors to accommodate in my Guest House...what rich practice it all was!

The Barn, the land, the community, compassion practice and metta held me often.  

May you all be well and happy and may I meet some of you again in the wonderful ocean of life.

Much love,


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