Spring to Life testimonials

"I feel Spring to Life has helped me through hard times in my life. I have made some good friends and it has improved my confidence as well as learning some new skills, which I feel are important."

Ricky, 21

"I came to the Spring to Life course with mental health problems. However my time at Sharpham has increased my confidence and I've made some good friends. I now believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Pete, 22

Being here has really helped me increase my confidence. I think what has really helped is meeting new people, as a mum I don't always get the chance. There is less judgement here and I can be myself. I used to find it really hard to eat in front of other people, I now find that I can sit with others to eat both here and at home."

Lianne, 23

"Before I came on this course I found it really difficult to be in large groups. I now feel more at ease with this. I have also found my confidence has improved and this has helped me strike up conversations with others in the group and also outside of it."


"Before I came to Spring to Life I was going through a hard time but the last 10 weeks have made me a happier person and I'm able to look at life in a happier way. I am so glad I came on this course!"

Warren, 24

"I've now got the knowledge to build and make more things that I could use in everyday life!"


This course has helped my build confidence and make new friends. It has been really fun and I would recommend it to anyone.


Although we had done everything possible to support our sixteen year old daughter through her mother's long illness with terminal cancer, there was nothing we could do to change the shock and loss she felt when my wife died. The severe reactive depression that followed required intensive support from the local child and adolescent mental health services and ongoing support from a very skilled and dedicated psychiatrist. As a dad I was able to support my daughter by setting up a full weekly routine which involved getting out on long walks on Dartmoor every day and having lots of time together. This was enormously therapeutic and gave my daughter the confidence to begin to think about some contact with others beyond her immediate family. I knew that this social integration along with being outdoors was a critical part of my daughter's recovery. A close friend and someone who works supporting families with parenting skills directed me towards the "Spring To Life" project being run at Sharpham, the response I got on making contact was so warm and welcoming as well as informative it was not difficult to describe the project to my daughter and engage her interest. These were still very tentative days and it was extremely hard for my daughter to interact socially with others or to step into new environments, the approach by the project leaders and the volunteers was excellent, just enough to let my daughter know she was a valued new member of the group yet hands off enough to let her find her natural rhythm. The outdoor setting which is simply breathtaking, the simple activities, the open fire and the camp kitchen all played a significant part in inspiring my daughter to return the following week and each week after that. There has been an enormous change from that first week when my daughter was unable to speak to anyone and felt very alone in the world to a situation five weeks later where she is looking forward to her Tuesdays at the "Spring To Life" project and enjoys greatly the social contact of the volunteers and her peers in the group. This project has also helped my daughter engage in other outdoor volunteer work at a local organic smallholding two days a week and spending one day a week helping a classroom assistant at our local school. The Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services have been inspired by the impact of this project on my daughters emotional recovery and I am deeply grateful for the support that has been offered in such a generous and gracious manner during such a difficult time.

A parent of a Spring to Life Participant

wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend the Spring to Life Programme today. I had a lovely day. I feel that the space and activities that you offer people are valuable, supportive and very beneficial. Everyone made me feel very welcome from the minute that I arrived until I left; it was a pleasure to be there.


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