With Kindly Curiosity: Kyira Korrigan

15th July, 2019
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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Kyira Korrigan - who is leading the For the Benefit of All: Becoming Bodhisattvas retreat - lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she serves as a Buddhist prison chaplain.

She took refuge in the Buddhist path in 1997, and has studied and practised Buddhism seriously (if eclectically) since, including receiving an MA in Buddhist Studies.

She is currently training to ordain as a Dharmacharya in the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order.

Here she shares some of her inspiration with us.

How did you come to dharma practice?
Joyfully, but stubbornly on my own terms. I was in my mid-20s and was drowning in the confusion arising from my own choices and situation. I went looking for a path and found yoga first, then went to a Buddhism class to learn how to meditate. It took me 10 more years to actually learn how to meditate, but I was hooked by the Dharma on day one.

Tell us about a book that's inspired you
A Language Older than Words, by Derrick Jensen. It's a book that made me weep for human beings' state, but I finished inspired to commit to living in a way that matters. It's a difficult book in places, but incredibly worthwhile.

What does your daily practice look like?
My daily practice is rooted in mindfulness practice, compassionate listening and honesty. Meditation comes and goes in my schedule and much of my meditation practice is found in concentrated weeks and weekends when I can do retreat practice. Otherwise, my work as a chaplain is the main container for Dharma practice.

Who or what is inspiring you currently?
Currently, I am very inspired by Greta Thunberg - her strong conviction and daring to speak to power inspires me to be stalwart and carry on with all my conviction.