A women's woodland retreatant writes

2nd August, 2017
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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A retreatant on a Women's Woodland Retreat in June sent us this description of her rich experience:

Snug as a bug in a rug, or as a nature retreatant in her duvet: I lie in my bell tent, cosily ensconced in bed, listening to the rain gently pattering on the canvas.  There is something very comforting about being warm and dry whilst it rains so close by.  Outside, it is gloriously dark - no light pollution - and our little cluster of tents huddles in the woods. 

I am woken by the soothing chimes and singing of the camp manager, calling us to morning meditation.  Leafy shadows dance promisingly on the sides of my tent: has the sun come at last?  Opening the flaps, I drink in the fresh air and the lovely view of trees and green hillside beyond.

Golden light glows through the branches and pours into the wood, gilding the leaves and dappling the ground.  We troop down the hill and greet the new day with joy in our souls, facing the glorious view over the river, rejoicing in the warmth of the sun on our faces.  Lying on the springy lawn, we relax into meditation, feeling at one with the Earth beneath us.

Back in the woodland camp, a tasty and colourful breakfast awaits us, and the robins and squirrels approach expectantly.  We spend the day roaming the land, collecting beautiful and meaningful tokens from our surroundings, opening our hearts to Nature and our inner selves.  

In the mellow twilight, we congregate around a large camp fire.  The shadows gather around us, the owl starts hooting, and we enjoy our companionship in the warmth of the blaze.  The copper radiance of the dancing flames softens our faces as we share experiences and songs, until the velvet darkness fully envelops us.

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