Staying at The Kuti - a retreatant's story

2nd October, 2019
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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Val Schenn stayed on solitary retreat in The Kuti close to The Barn retreat centre.

Here she shares her experience.

My recent stay at the Sharpham Kuti

This was the first time I had ever stayed in the Sharpham Kuti and it was a blessed and wonderful experience for many reasons.

I was so impressed at the way the whole set-up had been designed to really maximise potential for honing my mindfulness and awareness while at the same time giving me a nurturing place and space to support me while on my own personal journey.
To have the opportunity to step out of my daily life and walk straight into peace, tranquillity and nature, was a privilege indeed. The Kuti, although rustic, was clean and cared for with all basic needs catered for. 

There is something so grounding and calming in going back to basics, fetching and carrying my own water, picking fresh fruit and veg from the gardens.

My delicious lunchtime meal, a short walk away through the woods, was left for me to pick up every day. This felt a welcome and satisfying reward for work I had thoroughly enjoyed doing in the grounds of the Kuti. Such as clearing and sweeping pathways, cleaning the Kuti and outside compost toilet, all with slow mindful movements.

It is a great joy to be a part of the long line of guests who all clearly seem to delight in trying to leave it better than they found it...not easy! And still plenty time for my own personal meditation and yoga practice, with mats provided. Thank you Sharpham! We all want to pass on the love and gratitude for what we have received and do so by bestowing much love and devotion on this sacred and treasured space.

I particularly liked waking up with the dawn and settling down at dusk, seeing owls and stars, feeling the wind and rain from the comfort of the veranda. It didn't take long to feel right at home and completely safe in my own private jungle.

Time is a huge gift and to use it well, is to show appreciation of its value. To fill it with less meant that I gained gained more. From this perspective my life flows in a more harmonious and meaningful way and I left reconnected on every level.

I very much look forward to my next visit.

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