Sharpham inspires artist Sophia

27th May, 2019
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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An artist and author-illustrator who stayed on retreat in Sharpham House was inspired whilst here to create an exquisite artwork.

Sophia England makes beautiful artworks and writes and illustrates children’s books. She is also training to be a mindfulness teacher. She said that the special atmosphere of Sharpham House encouraged her to express her artistry whilst under its 18th century roof.

She made a delightful collage of the Georgian house after looking at drawings of the building and grounds that hang in our Dining Room.

“After a meditation session I was taking some reflection time and an insight came through to me, I got the message ‘cultivate joy and enjoyment’,” said Sophia.

“I then went on to have lunch and behind the door in the dining room was this beautiful heritage print of Sharpham House.

Something lit up in my heart and I wanted to make a picture of the house and put some colour on it.”

Sophia carries her portable painting kit, pencil bag and her favourite art materials with her at all times, so she was all set to create whilst at Sharpham.

“The print inspired me and I wanted to create a piece that was from the heart - art from the heart - working creatively with favourite colours in a detailed way. There is a natural form of mindfulness in this for me.” she said.

So she set about painting pieces of watercolour paper, used pen and graphite for finer details such as the windows (which measure only 7mm in width) and then collaging all elements into a whole piece. The entire artwork is about seven inches square.

You won’t see the original on the walls of Sharpham House though. Said Sophia: "I think I want to frame it and put it in my home. I don't want to part with it at the moment. I’d just like to sit with it. I would like to send Sharpham a signed print though.”

That's just fine, Sophia!

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Artwork & Photography © Sophia England