Sharpham carols!

17th December, 2018
by Julian | 3 Min Read
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Our recent residential hire guests got into the Christmas spirit and reworked some carols to reflect their mindful experience in Sharpham House.

May we present them here for your listening pleasure...

And the clever lyrics are below too.

Hark the Mindful Angels Sing

Sharpham Night

Hark The Mindful Angels Sing

Mindfulness needs constant practice
Thoughts and feelings come and go
Body, mind can be a cactus
Sitting on the pad below

Mindfulness is what we’re here for
True enlightenment, non-self.
Lyndsay, Will and Michael guide us
Jasmine, Kareem give us their help.

Poly tunnel the deep practice
Seeds that will grow to stunning blooms.

Lullaby our own emotions
Self-compassion is a must
Celebrate we have no toothache
Thich Nhat Hanh in him we trust.

Breathing, melting, being, easing,
Calming, smiling, slowing down,
Present moment as the bell rings
Focusing on the here and now.

Walking, eating, sitting, sharing
Help us to find the way to peace.

Let’s give thanks to all at Sharpham
Who have cared and fed us well
Gorgeous food fresh from the garden
From the start to this Noël

Friendships, learning, we have gathered
What a year that this has been
Mindfulness is what we came for
Thanks to you all its kept me keen.

This adventure’s really started
Please go in peace, I wish you joy.

Sharpham Night

Sharpham House, peaceful house
All is calm, and no mouse!
Round the staircase gather us all
Voices praising in the hall
Mindfulness as we sing
Mindfulness as we sing

Sharpham House, peaceful house
All this year, helped us nous
How to understand being as one
Like the dawning radiant sun
Dharma, sangha and us
Dharma, sangha and us.

Sharpham House, peaceful house
Here we are, with no grouse
Friends who celebrate here on this day
Now together, soon on our way
Thank you all for your love
Thank you all for your love