Our new Trust Administrator

8th January, 2018
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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Amy Ruewell has joined us as Trust Administrator, replacing Jane Hutchinson who left in December.

Amy has got great experience in organisation: she has spent many years in hospitality and hotels, where she was a general manager.

Now she's happy to have a more peaceful day-job - although she's determined to flex her administrative muscles. "I want to make a difference and work as part of a team, and I've found it," she said. "It's beautiful here and everyone's so friendly."

When she's not at Sharpham, she's bringing up two little boys. And perhaps when they're a bit older she'll go back to her hobbies of playing piano and trumpet.

Oh, and she's got a (lapsed) pilot's licence. So expect her to be high-flying in no time...