New partnership with Bodhi College

19th November, 2015
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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We are developing a new partnership with the Bodhi College who will be running the Committed Practitioners’ Programme (CPP, and formerly the CDPP) here at Sharpham along with a number of other single modules.These courses offer doorways into early Buddhist teachings in a contemporary context with internationally-respected dharma teachers - some of whom have long links with Sharpham.

“This new partnership means that there are opportunities for people to go deeply into the roots of mindfulness with very experienced dharma teachers here in the beautiful setting of Sharpham,” said Programme Manager Ben Ballard.

Click here for bookings and to find out more about the CPP and other Bodhi College modules based here at Sharpham via Bodhi College's website. 

The Bodhi College is a new charity which ”offers an ethical and philosophical framework for those practising meditation and the Dharma in today’s world” by drawing on the early teachings of the Buddha before they became codified into the doctrines of the different Buddhist traditions.  The College is non-sectarian, unaligned with any Buddhist orthodoxy or particular school, open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, to people of any faith or none, to those who use mindfulness for its therapeutic value, as much as those for whom meditation is part of their religious practice.