New mural in Barn's library

26th October, 2022
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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The bare wall of the Barn's library has grown artistically, thanks to the artistry of a retreatant.

Rose Somerset created a wonderful pipal tree on the wall beside the woodburner, as part of the refreshment of this much-loved communal space in The Barn.

Said Barn manager Tasha: "We wanted something that showed The Barn's foundation of nature connection and Buddhism: the pipal tree (or Bodhi tree) perfectly signifies both.

"This species' scientific name is Ficus religiosa, as it is a sacred species in Buddhism because of being the species of tree under which the Buddha sat in meditation for 49 days before attaining enlightenment.

"The tree gives the library a new feel and is one way we acknowledge the importance of the lineage of Buddhism to The Barn and our connection to the natural world as well as adding beauty to the room which so many people enjoy."