Nature meditation booklets given in memory of Peter Mallard

15th January, 2024
by Katie | 3 Min Read
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Sam Thorne, nephew of former Barn manager Peter Mallard
Sam Thorne health coaching

The nephew of much-loved former Barn Manager Peter Mallard has donated some of his own nature-meditation booklets to The Barn.

Sam Thorne wanted to give something back to us after the inspiration he gained by staying at the Barn whilst his uncle was in charge. Peter retired from The Barn in 2016 and died of cancer in 2020.

Sam's booklet is called Seasons' Change - Mastering Wellness and it contains a mixture of practices, practical advice, poetry and beautiful imagery.

Sam works with meditation, yoga and wellness in the Great Outdoors and the booklets contain lots of the learning he's done during his career as a health coach - which he was nudged towards after a stay at The Barn.

Sam came to us in around 2012, following the death of his father and the break-up of a relationship. "After this difficult period, Pete suggested I come to the Barn," he said. "That's where a lot of change happened for me. I went there and was inspired to take up a training to be integrated nutrition coach, yoga teacher, meditation and all these was kind of like the catalyst - it was a very meaningful experience."

During that time, he'd accompany Peter on walks on the Sharpham Estate, where he and his uncle would have wide-ranging and supportive discussions.

Sunrise at The Barn
Guy Clarke

"Pete was a really, really inspirational person for me at that time and afterwards," said Sam. Since that time, Sam has developed the skills, practices, ideas and guidance that feature in the book and he hopes he's presented it in a form that's digestible and accessible to lots of different people.

"I wanted to get people to connect to nature in quite a diverse way, so that's why I did the very practical methods alongside the poetry and photography," he said. "The booklet's really designed to give people some ideas."

He wanted to create a physical booklet as opposed to a piece of digital media. "I wanted something you could take to a very outdoors setting in a very simple and accessible way," he said. "One of the challenges is that people are rushing round. It's the kind of book where you need a bit of time to try some of the things within it. That's why I thought The Barn would be a nice setting for the book...I was so grateful for the experiences that I had there and the journey it nudged me onto."

Sam is now studying for a master's degree in outdoor experiential learning, health & wellbeing and is using The Sharpham Trust as an example in his writings.

His charismatic and clever uncle still looms large in his memory. "The last walk I had with Pete was around some of the places in the book and had a really deep, heartfelt walk together. He taught me a lot in that short space of time," said Sam.

Limited copies of Seasons' Change are available at The Barn with all proceeds going towards our retreat centre.

Sam's donation of booklets

Sam Thorne's booklet Seasons' Change - Mastering Wellness is part of a series of 'mini-mindfulness' booklets that he is writing and publishing.

He gave several to The Barn for us to sell and keep the proceeds.

The booklet features Sam's wisdom, photography and poetry, as well as practices and guidance on meditation in the Great Outdoors.

Sam's booklets are available from his website

Visit Sam's website

Peter Mallard

Pete was The Barn manager until he retired in 2016.

He was a well-respected and much-loved member of the Sharpham Trust team.

Read a memorial to Peter, with comments from lots of people who knew him, here

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