Meet Holly Stoppit!

22nd July, 2022
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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Our newest Barn Volunteer Coordinator will definitely make you smile. 

Say hi to Holly Stoddart, or Holly Stoppit as she's called professionally.

Holly's a clown and drama therapist, helping people through laughter! "It's about embracing yourself as you are and allowing yourself to be seen," she said.

She's just joined The Barn team (replacing Martha) so she's taking time off from her normal role as a freelance therapist and consultant in Bristol, where she works with various people in the realms of LGBTQ+, young persons, mental health and neuro-diversity, age, parenting and self-development.

But she's putting aside Holly Stoppit for a while to be Holly Stoddart at The Barn. "Part of what this year is about is trying to discover who Holly Stoddart is - I don't know much about her because I'm working so much," she said. "The intention is to feed the other facets of me - the bits that love nature and silence."

But she admits that Holly Stoppit will probably show up too. "I'm playful by nature and I've brought my ukelele and percussion!" she said. "And there is lightness and ease at The Barn."

Holly, 43, has an 18-year-old practice and has regularly stayed at Gaia House retreat centre over that time.

She encountered meditation by accident by booking on a yoga and meditation retreat and finding that she was taken by the sitting more than the yoga poses.

She's already delighted to have landed at Sharpham. "It's just magic here. I've been wandering about saying to myself, 'Welcome to MY Estate. I live here!' "

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Picture of Holly Stoppit by Joe Rosser