Lucy bids goodbye to The Barn

21st February, 2019
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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Lucy Chan has given over a year's service to The Barn as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Here she reflects on her time here, and the effect that being at Sharpham has had upon her.

As I bid farewell to my time as co-ordinator, I am filled with an immense sense of gratitude: for the land, for those who sat around that beloved dining table and watered seeds of connection and care, and for the long-term Barn family who continue to meet me and each other with an acceptance and a willingness to grow together.

I have appreciated that life is the practice, and one where The Barn allows many, including myself, to approach what arises with a kindness and spaciousness that we can learn to carry with us. 

A significant part of my journey has been learning to notice and gently tend to the suffering that arises within myself as a result of harsh self-judgment. As part of my time here it has been a quiet joy to deepen my practices in self-compassion, and it has been a delight to share these teachings with those who have also sought to cultivate these qualities. It is a true privilege that I will continue teaching this meaningful work both within Sharpham and elsewhere beyond my time here.

As I approach an extended period in solitary retreat this Spring, it brings me comfort to know that all those I have met, have held, and have been held by, will be with me. May The Barn continue to be a second home for us all, and allow us to remember how to come home to ourselves should we forget.

With thanks and love to all those I am lucky enough to travel alongside on this path.

Lucy Chan

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