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13th September, 2021
by Katie | 2 Min Read
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Guy Clarke, retreat leader at The Barn at Sharpham

Guy Clarke has swapped a busy life as a videographer in dance music for the tranquillity of Sharpham.

He lived and worked in London, creating films and videos for an online music platform. Now he's guiding meditations and holding space for retreatants visiting The Barn and feeling the benefits of that shift.

"Parts of myself were not nourished in that city life, in that fast pace," said Guy. "I loved the music and culture but I was looking for something that resonated with me on a deeper level".

Guy has been a Volunteer Barn Coordinator for the past 2 months and will be here for another 10.

He first came to The Barn in around 2017 on the recommendation of his housemate.

"It had a huge impact on me," said Guy. "Coming here on retreat confirmed that I needed a deeper connection with nature and to live in a mindful community."

He returned to The Barn on work retreats, including one that focused on the creation of The Barn Cookbook, and his pictures are used throughout. He also took the picture at the top of this page.

When the pandemic arrived, Guy took voluntary redundancy and was a participant in The Barn's first-ever online retreat.

"It was such a strong experience for us all that we've self-organized a weekly sangha ever since," he said. His participation in that meant that he heard about the vacancy at The Barn for a Volunteer Coordinator. 

Two months into the role, and Guy says: "It is one of the most challenging things I've done. The past few months have seen a lot of changes. The one thing that's really seen me through is the people I work with here. It is just such a lovely team!"

"We've such a strong connection with each other and it's all based around caring for one another," he added.

Plus the landscape helps. "Being here in Sharpham is such a gift. It is just so stunning. The river's so beautiful and I love swimming! It's an amazing area to be in."

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