Fresh seeds have arrived

7th February, 2017
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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Jesse our gardener is excited with the arrival of some new seeds.

Yesterday he took delivery of a dozen packets of flower seeds, thanks to the Royal Horticultural Society's seed scheme.

This is a project whereby RHS members harvest seed from their own gardens, which is then sorted, cleaned then shared amongst other members.

"It's a good scheme for spreading decent quality plants," said Jesse. "It's nice that the seeds have come from a project where volunteers have spent time gathering these seeds from their own gardens."

Jesse's picked out herbaceous perennials and flowers, which will eventually be planted in flowerbeds in our formal gardens. And he's chosen some with some great names: Giant Bellflower, Twisted Shell Flower, Angel's Fishing Rod, Balloon Flower, Devil's Bit Scabious, as well as the wonderful Purple Loosestrife and the Pasque Flower.

"Now I've got to find out about sowing them. I'm looking forward to that," said Jesse. "It's new flowers and plants for the gardens - it's exciting!"

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