Donors give us Christmas cash for our rewilding

22nd December, 2023
by Katie | 3 Min Read
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Rewilding at Sharpham
Ambios Ltd

Generous employees of a South West business have donated cash to support The Sharpham Trust's rewilding efforts.

Workers from Somerset's RH Fibreboard gave £200 in their Christmas collection which will be spent on tree-planting and other initiatives to help restore nature on the Sharpham Estate.

"We were delighted when RH Fibreboard offered to collect donations towards our rewilding efforts," said Sharpham Trust Communications Officer Katie Tokus.

"It's been a lovely Christmas present for both us and the wildlife on our rewilding area, and the donations given will go specifically on tree-planting and further work on our wildflower meadow."

More small mammals like this common shrew have appeared, thanks to rewilding efforts at Sharpham

Rewilding = more mammals

Rewilding efforts have resulted in an increase in small mammals, like this Common Shrew.

By letting grasses grow longer, into tussocks, shelter and breeding spots are created.

And where there are more mammals, there is more food for larger predators like owls & raptors - both of which have been seen in increased numbers over our rewilding fields.

The Sharpham Trust is a mindfulness and nature charity that has been rewilding parts of its 550-acre estate and creating a brand new wildflower meadow, which will support lots of diverse flora and fauna.

In just a few years, The Trust's rewilding initiatives have seen an increase in insects, birds and mammals, whilst a brand new meadow in front of Sharpham House - planted this autumn - will restore a precious habitat for pollinators which has all but died out in the UK.

A stonechat on rewilding land at Sharpham

Rewilding = more birds

Stonechats arrived on our rewilding fields in the first year of leaving the farmland to Nature's ways.

These 'perching birds' thrive in grassland, where they can eat insects and invertebrates.

They get their name from the sound of their call, which sounds like two pebbles being clacked together!

Since World War II, Britain has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, so this work is vital if humans are to support pollinators and other wildlife.

The next step in Sharpham's rewilding plan is to plant and maintain more trees on the estate - and RH Fibreboard's donors will be supporting this initiative. Said Katie, "This company's staff are directly helping in the battle to restore nature and biodiversity locally and we're so grateful for everyone's generosity at this time. It's so appreciated by us all. Thank you".

Sharpham House with a newly-planted wildflower meadow in front
Ern Stock

The Trust was officially designated organic in 2021 and has stopped the use of pesticides and artifical fertilisers on its estate.

The Sharpham Trust's vision is to make a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally-sustainable world and the charity works at this by offering ways for people to connect to nature and themselves through mindfulness retreats, courses and conservation efforts.

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