Donors give a generous gift to support young people coming to Sharpham

10th June, 2024
by Katie | 3 Min Read
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Young people on retreat at Sharpham
Nicky Reed

More young people will be able to access nature-based mindfulness on The Sharpham Estate thanks to Government funding as well as a generous donation of £8,000.

The Hollick Family Foundation gave The Sharpham Trust a one-off donation specifically to help young people come on mindfulness retreat.

While the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund is contributing to free tree-planting retreats at Sharpham for young people.

Apply for a young person's bursary

Bursaries cover 75% of the cost of coming on selected retreats at Sharpham, thanks to a generous gift by the Hollick Family Foundation.

If you'd like to apply, view our available retreats here, choose yours (ensuring the bursary applies to that retreat), then email our Programme Administrator on [email protected]

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Apply here


The gift of nature

“We’re delighted to have received this donation from the Hollick Family Foundation in support of young people,”  said Sharpham’s retreat Programme Manager Ben Ballard. 

“This generation has lived through some real challenges with Covid and the cost of living crises, which, amongst other things, have contributed to an unprecedented rise in depression and anxiety. 

“We hope these subsidised retreats will support the wellbeing of young people through our programme of mindfulness and nature connection retreats.”

The Trust runs a year-round programme of retreats, all underpinned by a deep connection to nature. 

The Trust operates a Bursary Fund to help people on low income access its retreats, and generous retreat participants donate to support others to come.

Now, that fund has been swelled by this gift. The donation will help up to two young people aged 18-25 & experiencing financial hardship to have 75% of the price paid for them on lots of Sharpham’s Woodland, Coach House and Barn retreats.

The huge discount will apply until the donation runs out. Candidates for the bursary spaces need to apply via this email: [email protected] 


Government funds free tree-planting retreat

Meanwhile, a free retreat that connects mindfulness, nature and rewilding is now available to young people, thanks to the Nature for Climate Fund.

Young people aged 18-25 are being invited to join the Mindfulness of Trees retreat running for 4 nights at The Sharpham Trust’s newest venue The Coach House.

There are 18 places for young people to attend the retreat, which runs from November 19 to 23 this year.

Learn more about the Mindfulness of Trees for Young People retreat here: 


Mindfulness retreats & courses at The Sharpham Trust

The Sharpham Trust has been offering mindfulness teachings, retreats and courses for the last 40+ years - long before mindfulness was a modern buzzword.

A pool of wise, experienced and qualified retreat leaders guide people from all walks of life and from all over the UK and beyond towards introducing meditation and mindful awareness into their lives.

Sharpham’s particular brand of mindfulness involves a deep connection to nature - and the benefits of nature on human wellbeing have been scientifically proven over and over.

Find out more about mindfulness and its proven benefits here: