Could your art feature at The Barn?

12th December, 2023
by Katie | 1 Min Read
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Art gifted to The Barn by retreatants

It's time to refresh and augment some of the art decorating The Barn, says manager Tasha Bassingthwaighte.

"We're asking visual artists who come to The Barn to donate some of their work," said Tasha. "We've talked about putting more art in the bedrooms. We do have some but it would be nice to have some new works to show the threads of the Barn community over the years and how they've left their mark on The Barn and helped to sculpt it".

Visitors often leave notes and pictures in their rooms and a recent gift prompted Tasha to consider this call-out.

"Lots of things that are hanging in The Barn are 10 years old and we want to refresh this," she said. "We want to showcase the creativity and love of our previous retreatants".

But before all you professionals get in touch, there's not an art-buying budget.

"It's not like we have the money for a paid commitment," said Tasha. "We are asking if anyone would like to gift something to us".

If you're keen to donate, email Tasha on [email protected]

Current artworks decorating The Barn