Can you give our library some love?

10th September, 2018
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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The libary at The Barn needs some compassion, so we've published a wish-list for people who want to practice generosity.

According to Barn Manager Tasha, the reading in the reading room could be improved.

"We frequently have books that have gone astray," she says, "And there are gaps in the books too. We don't have any by Pema Chodron nor many by Thich Nhat Hanh, and we don't have many books from the last five years.

"Also, there are only a couple of cookbooks and we don't have any vegan cookbooks right now! Our main meals are vegan and some people coming here don't have experience in cooking vegan, so cookbooks like that would be helpful.

"We'd also welcome any dharma-related books that have been inspiring to people. The libary at The Barn is an opportunity to introduce ideas to the hundreds of people who come here each year."

Barn staff have created a wish-list on book-sales site Wordery and if you want to make a really practical gift to The Barn, select a book or books to help re-stock our shelves.

Said Tasha: "People already send gifts and donations to The Barn and a foundational culture of generosity is part of the Barn ethos - so thank you in advance!"

Click here to view our book wish-list and help re-stock the Barn library