Barry returns to The Barn

13th November, 2018
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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We welcome Barry Thurgood to be our latest Volunteer Coordinator at The Barn.

Barry's had a long history with The Barn, first coming on a retreat in 2010 and then staying about every 6 months. Now he's here to give a year's service.

"I always found The Barn an incredibly rewarding and nourishing experience," said Barry. "Over the years I felt a growing sense of wanting to give something back and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to do that".

Barry has had a formal meditation formal practice for the last 10 years, beginning by going to drop-in meditation sessions.

He has lived in Bristol for around 20 years, and rented out his house and left his steady job in order to give his time to The Barn.

Said Barry: "Most of my spiritual journey tends to centre around deepening practice, especially developing more compassion – particularly towards myself.

"I feel most connected when I’m in nature, or with anything to do with gardening, nature, being outside. That’s when I feel most present I would say. I love helping in the garden, mending things, building things."

He's going to be a great help at The Barn!