Apple Day 2016 was crammed

10th October, 2016
by Julian | 2 Min Read
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The sun came out and so did hundreds of visitors for Sharpham's Apple Day 2016.

More than 600 people came to enjoy a packed day of activities, food, music and apples, making our Autumn Open Day a wonderful success.

We were ready to juice our own fruit harvest (grown organically on the Estate in our orchards), as well as apples brought by guests on the day.

Visitors could watch and join in the apple-processing, which included the washing, the mashing and the pressing of apples.

An apple press hired from Orchard Link - a local organisation supporting the development and workings of Devon's orchards - was set up in front of Sharpham House.

People could watch the apple mash being slapped into the press, wrapped in cloth and squashed between wooden pallets. Then press operators from our team of staff and volunteers screwed down the machine's jaws, forcing out gallons of delicious fresh juice.

The liquid was then bottled and visitors were able to purchase bottles of juice to take home.

Other activities during this busy day included apple-themed crafts, carving and storytelling, apple information stands, the Golden Apple Challenge and the Apple Olympics - where entrants competed in games for a crop of apple medals. Orchard expert Charles Staniland led a tree-walk and pruning demonstration.

Our resident forager Brigit-Anna McNeill led a wild food and medicine walk and she and her partner Jon Howell hosted the Yew Tree space, discussing the dietary benefits of eating fermented apple, while guests who preferred our more usual Sharpham House Café lunches were able to dine in the sunshine on our South Terrace (and ate us out of cake too).

Music was provided by harpist Misuzu Matsumoto and her family (including her daughter who delighted audiences with her music) and by a cappella singing group Viva, led by Roz Walker (who leads some of our Mindfulness through Singing retreats).