A retreatant writes...

31st August, 2015
by Julian | 3 Min Read
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A satisified retreatant who stayed here recently so enjoyed her stay that she wrote to tell us...in verse.

She took part in August's 3-day yoga and mindfulness retreat in Sharpham House and told us when she emailed through the poem below, "It was a truly wonderful experience - beautiful in all ways: the teachers and their teachings, all the people there, the food, the surroundings... stunning.

"I write poetry and left the group on the last day with a very quick limerick (!), but please find attached a poem I wrote on my way home and wanted to share as a thank-you".


To Sharpham

Soak up this beauty that sits in your lap,

The morning dew on the grass, the plant’s trickling sap,

The swifts as they dart through clear, blue skies

And the life of the river that flows through your eyes.

Let the colours and flavours burst with each bite

As you taste and savour and wake to your light.


Let the clouds of thought drift by,

No need for the storm of ‘What? How? Why?’

Open your heart, let the sunshine pour in

As you simply observe the mental din.


Let it be, there’s no need to judge

Or give thoughts an anxious nudge,

Just be patient, just be kind,

Focus on the breath, step out of the mind.


Those thoughts are not you, no need to attach,

No need to feed, no need to latch

On. Feel that pause – as you go back to the breath,

Back to the breath, back to the breath.


Don’t beat yourself up, compare and contrast,

Strive to be ‘first’, must do it ‘fast’,

You are you and you’re doing your best,

You are you, you’re not the rest.


Accept yourself at each here and now,

Embrace the moment and just allow,

To yourself and others, there’s nothing to prove,

Allow each thought and every move.


Be kind to yourself, your own best friend,

No need to push, force or bend,

Just release, let it go, feel the space,

To be in the stillness and not in the race.

Plant your roots and let your branches dance free,

Taking the time not to ‘do’, just to ‘be’,

No attachment, no battle, no anxious fight,

Just giving yourself space to let your soul take flight.


And when your thoughts don’t rule you and you’re filled with love,

You can share that gift near, far and above.


Inspired by a wonderful yoga/meditation retreat at Sharpham House in Devon.

Beautiful teachers and teachings, people, surroundings, food... Dedicated to them

and all who follow...and beyond xx