A new defibrillator for Sharpham

4th April, 2018
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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We give heartfelt thanks to our former Trust Administrator Jane Hutchinson, who returned to Sharpham last month with the results of her fundraising - a defibrillator.

Jane ran a marathon last year and her sponsorship monies - which totalled more than £800 - paid for the first aid machine which is now going to be in Sharpham House.

The defibrillator delivers electrical energy to the heart during an abnormal rhythm or very rapid erratic beating of the heart and could help save the life of a heart attack victim at Sharpham.

"It's lovely to be able to deliver the defibrillator after doing all that running," said Jane, who took part in the Brighton Marathon this time last year.

Jane, who worked for the Trust for nearly three years, presented the defibrillator to Director Julian Carnell, who said: "This is a valuable piece of first aid equipment for Sharpham and the people who stay here. Hopefully we won't have to use it, but thanks to Jane it's there if we need to."

If you want to support The Sharpham Trust by fundraising, contact the Programme Manager Ben Ballard on [email protected] or you can donate quickly and easily online by clicking here