Poem: by Barn retreatant Pete

Poem: by Barn retreatant Pete

Published: 19 January 2023

Ballad of the undrying towel

I faced the undrying towel this week

A quest of which I cannot speak

When first this task came to me

I didn’t know I’d need a strategy


Monday as I began the day

It seemed an easy beast to slay

Put in the liquid, start the machine

A few hours later it's all clean


Tuesday was a day of joy

I skipped the stairs as if a boy

I felt along the stands and rails

Towel's still wet!! Drying slower than snails


Oh towel, why aren't you like a duvet

Washed on Monday, dry on Tuesday

So I trudged upstairs with sombre steps

Not knowing what would happen next


Wednesday I bore little hope

In silence I began to grope

But what is this? The towels were dry

I barely managed not to cry


And as I loaded up the basket

Smile so big I couldn’t mask it

One towel offered me their wisdom

So I put the basket down and listened


Sometimes it's better to wait

Than be the master of your fate

Remember you are just a man

There is little you can truly plan


And that night as I listened to the owls

I thought about the drying towels

And though there’s lesson in this rhyme

I’ll hope for composting next time

A poem written by Barn retreatant Pete Lake.