A breath-taking new sit-spot

A breath-taking new sit-spot

Published: 12 May 2017

A breath-taking new sit-spot has been unveiled on the Sharpham Estate, enabling walkers, cyclists, thinkers and ponderers to rest and, perhaps, meditate.

An amazing-looking bench, made from a giant green oak log from the Estate, has been installed along the Carriage Drive - the foot and cycle path that runs from Totnes to Sharpham.

The bench is the result of several weeks' work by Peter Lanyon, Sharpham artist-in-residence 2017, along with a team of volunteers who enabled the project to come to such happy fruition.

The striking new bench has eight seats and faces south, down the River Dart valley. People sat on the bench will be able to ponder on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, rest and enjoy the stunning views on the land and the river.

The project involved 12 volunteers and Peter and began in February this year. The bench was installed on May 12, 2017 and was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

See the video of the whole process right here:



See pictures of the project below.

The site for the bench
The view from the bench
The green oak log on the Sharpham Estate
Volunteers cleave the log in situ
The log splits
Inside the log
Shifting the log
The gang - the volunteers enjoy a well-earned rest
The toolbox
Splitting the log further
Separate seat posts begin to emerge
Drilling the bottoms for a scaffold bar
Shaping the seat posts
Beginning to make the bench seats
Trustee Tony shapes the seats
Biscuit-jointing a bench seat
Volunteer Rick works on a bench seat
Shaping a bench seat
The completed seating
The volunteer team prepare to install the bench
The seating ready to be installed
Digging the holes for the seat posts
How the seat posts are secured in the ground
Pouring the concrete
The bench takes shape
Fixing the seats in position
Trying the bench out for size
The finished bench with artist Peter Lanyon and the team of volunteers
Peter tries his own handiwork with Maya Herbolzheimer, Sharpham's Volunteer Coordinator
Maya and Peter try out the sit-spot
The latest Sharpham sit-spot for all to enjoy