Retreats at Home: Deepening Connection - a Barn retreat (3 day)

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Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others
                                                                                             - Harriet Lerner


With The Barn closed due to COVID-19, we've worked hard to offer the same care, values and community support that we're known for via our Retreats at Home.

Be assured that our online retreats are firmly grounded in all the principles of Buddhist meditation, community and nature connection that we’ve been fostering for the last 35 years.


Retreats at Home are the perfect way to

  • ease anxieties about a 'too-early easing of lockdown'
  • connect with a supportive and nurturing community
  • support your practice at home


The experience of 'sitting' with the lovely crew at the Barn was delightful. So much thought has gone into finding a way to use technology, but not overuse it, with aspects of the day were offline, using downloadable audio and video. Although I was often in my garden, or indoors, yet really connected to the others in the group, the coordinators and teachers.

- online retreatant

This 3-day retreat offers

  • live teachings & guided practices, where you connect with a supportive retreat community and its skilled facilitators
  • group sharing, building connections and empathy
  • downloadable practices so you're not glued to a screen. And you can return to them again and again after the retreat finishes
  • Mindful movement routines and practices such as qi-gong and yoga
  • Dharma talks, individual time and question-and-answer sessions with experienced meditation teachers
  • Teachings on how mindfulness and self-compassion can help steady us through uncertain and challenging times
  • the sense of being part of nature and the support of the Earth through daily nature connection practices
  • post-retreat virtual meet-ups during the month following, helping you to continue your connections and practice and ensuring the best conditions to weave practice into your life for the long term

There will be a maximum of 12 people on this retreat with opportunities for smaller group sharing.

The retreat will take place online using the platform Zoom (see further information below to ensure you have the minimum tech requirements). Guidance will be sent at the point of booking for using Zoom as well as a guide to getting the best out of your home retreat. 

Retreats at Home from The Sharpham Trust


Is this retreat for me & how can I do this at home?

This retreat is for people who have some experience of mindfulness meditation and who would like to connect with their practice in the supportive company of others. Tasha, Barn Manager explains:

To get the most out of this retreat you will need a room in your home where you will not be distracted by other people and which can serve as a confidential space.

To join you will need to be fully available for the duration of the retreat (this helps create a greater sense of group coherence with less distraction for your fellow retreatants)

The 3-day retreat will run from 5:30 pm on Thursday evening to 6 pm on Sunday evening, with optional weekly check-ins for two weeks after the end of the retreat.

Retreats at Home from The Sharpham Trust

Technical requirements

We will be using the online application Zoom to connect with each other during this retreat. To use Zoom you will need a computer or a phone with a speaker and camera. Full instructions will be sent with your welcome email at the point of booking. However you can also download the zoom app here to familiarise yourself with the application and to make sure it meets your system requirements.


Outline of the retreat schedule for the retreat

The 3-day retreat will run from 5:30pm on Thursday evening to 6pm on Sunday evening, with optional weekly check-in for two weeks after the end of the retreat.

I found the online 3-day retreat thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. Though it took a few moments getting use to speaking and meditating online, it wasn’t long before I felt relaxed and confident thanks to the warmth of my fellow retreatants and the caring support of the coordinators.


The 3-day Barn Retreat at Home really helped me to reconnect with the inner silence through the group meditations and other practices and opened my heart thanks to the amazing sharings we had everyday! The sense of community and support of each other and the coordinators that is The Barn was surprisingly and beautifully transmitted online.


The Retreat at Home is really special - and very different from other online offerings. Drawing on some of the best parts of The Barn’s tried and tested routes to wellbeing, the retreat gave me a holding space to share compassion and vulnerability, while drawing strength from other people across the country (and the world!) It also put me back in touch with my past visits to The Barn and Sharpham, remembering what drew me there and past lessons learned. The whole experience was a truly insightful way of actively integrating time for healing and self-care into my home environment.


The experience of 'sitting' with the lovely crew at the Barn was delightful. So much thought has gone into finding a way to use technology, but not overuse it, with aspects of the day offline, using downloadable audio and video. Although I was often in my garden, or indoors, yet I was really connected to the others in the group, the coordinators and teachers. The social sessions which were delightful - such a big part of retreating at the Barn for me is Sangha (community), being with like-minded folk and sharing our experiences.
I’ll certainly be back for more, as the difficult times continue and maybe beyond. I still feel profoundly grateful that this option is available. Just disconnect your front doorbell and phone, and sink into your own unique home retreat...


I've been to the barn a couple of times face to face before but this is a different experience. It's a collaboration of many of the wonderful things the barn has; community, sharing, space to think with all of my home comforts. I found the virtual Barn retreat one of the most powerful personal experiences I have had. I believe this is due to the careful thought and consideration of the team who hold the space well, materials provided and the vulnerability that being in my own home affords me. I would highly recommend this experience with all the uncertainties in the world at present reflecting and sharing these in a mindful way has given me back some hope and has made the world feel a little less lonely.

We suggest paying £145 - £350 for this 3-day retreat.

All income from this retreat will go to The Barn's General Fund, helping to support the future of The Sharpham Trust, we'd be grateful.

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