1-day Introduction to Mindfulness

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This day-long course will give you an introduction to the practice of mindfulness to better manage stress and enhance your overall wellbeing.


Mindfulness is a means of paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally - Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness pioneer

Mindfulness courses at The Sharpham Trust

What will you learn on this course?

  • A safe and accessible introduction to this subject including some theory about  mindfulness as well as some practical exercises including meditation, gentle movement, awareness of sensations, emotions and thoughtsMindfulness courses at The Sharpham Trust
  • Tips on incorporating mindfulness to your daily life, towards better health & well-being
  • The opportunity to come to the beautiful and tranquil Sharpham Estate

The day runs from 10am-4pm. Please bring a packed lunch and wear loose comfortable clothing. Teas, coffee and hot water are provided.


I learnt that being mindful can have positive benefits on all aspects of life, including relationships with others. I am keen to learn more! - course participant


Mindfulness courses at The Sharpham Trust

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for most people aged 18 and above who are new to mindfulness and no previous experience is required. You will be taught by an experienced teacher in a group of no more than 15. 

Working with depression and anxiety

Although meditation and mindfulness can be helpful in managing stress, depression and anxiety our courses might not be suitable people experience experiencing major depression or other clinically diagnosed psychiatric illness such as bipolar disorder, psychosis or current self-harming. We are not able not able to offer mindfulness as a 'clinical intervention', but rather as an aid to everyday health, well-being and in helping prevent relapse.

Mindfulness courses at The Sharpham Trust

Next steps...

Mindfulness is a life-long practice so it is important to acknowledge that the day offers an introduction rather than in-depth exploration of Mindfulness.  After undertaking this course, many go on to our 8-week Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing Course or our Mindfulness for Beginners Retreats for a deeper and more in-depth experience of the practice.

All our introduction days are held in the South Wing at Sharpham from 10am-4pm. Please bring a packed lunch and wear loose comfortable clothing. Teas, coffee and hot water are provided.

Thank you so much for the lovely course...I learned many things, especially to recognise thoughts as just thoughts.  Mindful walking outdoors at Sharpham is wonderful.  I had such a nice experience in the body scan, I can't even express it. Thanks for your care.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I felt a sense of acceptance and even appreciation of myself whilst on the course. This was a truly liberating moment.

This course takes place in the South Wing section of Sharpham House (pictured right). We supply blankets, meditation cushions, stools and chairs.

There is car parking near to the venue - click below to download information about getting to us.

Directions to South Wing.pdf

The room will be open for participants 15 minutes before the start of the course.

£68 per person 

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Shahin Popple

Shahin Popple

Shahin is a Senior Counsellor in the NHS where she also teaches Mindfulness. She works with people with mental health issues and runs a mindfulness group. She has been a Counsellor for 17 years and, prior to this, worked in education as a Teacher and Teacher‐trainer for many years.

Professor Katherine Weare

Professor Katherine Weare

Katherine is a keen and committed member of the team of teachers at Sharpham, teaching on the secular retreats and 8 week courses, and regularly delivers dharma talks at the Sharpham Barn Retreat Centre. She was drawn into  mindfulness 15 years ago when she found it a personal lifesaver during a major health crisis and trained to be a secular MBSR/MBCT teacher at the University of Exeter. Since then she has reframed her life around mindful awareness, with a daily vipassana practice supported by regular silent retreats, and was inspired by following the Committed Practitioner Programme at the Bodhi College on "early Buddhism for a secular age". She has also long been inspired by close contact with Plum Village and recently co-authored a best-selling book with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh 'Happy Teachers Change the World' which has been translated into 6 languages.  

She is further nurtured by a daily practice of yoga and pilates, and close contact with animals and nature, enjoying the outdoor life with her family in south Devon.

Her practice and teaching is based within a long professional career in Universities and in policy work to promote wellbeing and mindfulness across the UK and Europe, all of which helps her keep up with current thinking and practice on mindfulness in the wider world. She is Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton, and Honorary Professor and Associate at the University of Exeter. She is currently leading work with Mind and Life Europe to help their mission to bring together modern science and contemplative wisdom, heading up a growing Community of Contemplative Education of experts and practitioners across Europe.  She is also co-lead for Education for the Mindfulness Initiative, set up by the All Party Parliamentary Group on mindfulness and wellbeing to develop evidence-based secular mindfulness across the UK.

Dan Batts

Dan Batts

Dan has been practising mindfulness since 1994.

He trained as a Buddhist monk for 5 years and has completed a mindfulness teacher training retreat led by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

He works as a mental health nurse.

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