The Green Hill - a book involving Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground

18th January, 2021
by Katie | 3 Min Read
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cover of the book The Green Hill by Sophie Pierce about Sharpham Meadow
Sophie Pierce/Kate Mount

A memoir with a title inspired by Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground is the subject of a book-publishing crowdfunding appeal.

The book's written by Sophie Pierce, whose son Felix is buried at Sharpham Meadow. The book is called 'The Green Hill' – the family’s informal name for Felix’s resting place.

Sophie talking about her son and her book on ITV Westcountry:

The publication of the book by Unbound (part of Penguin books) will depend on getting enough pledges.

Sophie says the natural burial ground has been a continuing source of comfort since Felix died of SUDEP – sudden unexpected death in epilepsy - in March 2017, aged 20.

“Being able to go somewhere as beautiful as Sharpham Meadow to remember Felix has really helped the grieving process," she said. "The views down to the sea, and over to Dartmoor are so breathtaking, and the ceremonial building and fire pit have been created with such love and care, I feel it is a nurturing place for him to be.”

The memoir tells the story of Felix’s life and death through letters and first-person narrative.

'The Green Hill' is a constant reference point which comes to symbolise the things that become important in the journey of grief: nature, beauty, a sense of place, the passing of the seasons, the earth and the fact that, ultimately, all we are is dust. 


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An extract from The Green Hill

"It is a month since the day I discovered Felix had died. I wake before dawn and go down to the kitchen and sit with a cup of tea feeling utterly lost. Sort of blank. Not crying. Just sort of stunned. I decide to go and see him at the Green Hill, hoping to see the sun rise. But when I get there the whole place is shrouded in sea fog. I put my blanket down and lie there in the damp, looking at the grass on top of the grave glistening with dew drops. I listen to the sound of raucous birds. There are three crows sitting on fence posts. I also hear the cries of pigeons, pheasants, and the odd flock of seagulls flying by; they are presences in the fog. I think about his body lying underground next to me. It seems barely credible."


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