POEM: Comme Ci Comme Ca by retreatant Erica Sherratt

7th November, 2023
by Katie | 2 Min Read
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Double rainbow viewed from The Sharpham Estate
Lisa Carnell

Is Mindfulness…

Searching for calm and ease, but keeping energised for maximum awareness

Being Still, but remaining active in all senses?

Finding Peace, but to keep on being curious 

To acquire self-discipline…but deliver it with self compassion.  

Finding Wisdom, but not being afraid to start at the beginning. 

A willingness to understand, but also to question?

Setting intentions, but allowing oneself to go with the flow 

Being engaged….but also to disengage?

Prepare for change but accept what can’t be changed 

To expect….but not take things for granted!

Be hungry for knowledge, but be satisfied with what you have learnt already!

To let go but also to accept 

And always…Remembering It’s good to be ok. But it’s ok to not be ok too!

We can Climb the highest mountains, but continue to be curious about what’s at the depths of the ocean too!

Just maybe…it’s about accepting the good and the bad, and the ups and the down, like the balance of a bird's wings in flight…discover the true meaning of equanimity!


By Weekend Retreat at Home participant Erica