Poem: by Erica, recipient from our Bursary Fund

2nd March, 2020
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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Mindfulness to me

Living in the past is yesterday’s news...it can’t be changed...it’s become second hand!!

The future is yet to be written although the pen is firmly in your hand!

The trick is to stay in the present because the present is a “present”...The present is “right now” and that’s a feeling of extraordinary pleasure!

Explore your mind body and soul and take a new adventure...it will feed your hunger for wisdom and be a true thirst quencher!!

I wish you all well, I wish you all peace and I wish you lots of laughter...and I wish you ALL a very happy 'ever after'





A poem written by Erica Sherratt, who received a bursary to attend our Mindfulness & Yoga retreat in early 2020.

She said: "Thank you wholeheartedly for allowing me a bursary to attend the mindfulness/yoga retreat...I’m excited to take this new knowledge out into the outside world and make changes".

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