Poem: by Barn retreatant Patrick

9th February, 2023
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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The Barn Gardens
By retreatant Melissa Maloo

Beautiful Soul(s)

Each day the wren rendezvoused with the robin
who called to the the tawny owl who informed the fox
(what a hoot that was!) the fox met the chickens
who spoke to the cats Nimbus and Cirrus
as per usual their heads in the clouds
who meowed to the hare and the rabbit
and as the river came into sight
spoke to the beaver in the woods
who had a word with the wood pigeon
who conveyed to the otter and sundry fish
the importance of water air fire and earth
And finally
half asleep the humans woke up
the daybreak sky a glittering diadem of stars
a shooting star fizzing into the abyss of eternity
and the then the murmuration of sighs
and the voice from somewhere in the distant distance
‘You are a beautiful soul’.

A poem by Barn retreatant Patrick Barron, "for Lindsay at The Barn and all Barnites", January 2023