Painting will remember Tanja and support The Sharpham Trust

19th June, 2024
by Katie | 2 Min Read
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artwork depicting Sharpham Meadow
Cheryll Kinsley Potter

A man whose daughter lies in Sharpham Meadow natural burial ground is commemorating her and supporting The Sharpham Trust at the same time.

Bob Price’s daughter Tanja, who died in 2019, is being remembered via a new artwork - a summer scene at Sharpham Meadow, looking at the River Dart through grasses and cornflowers.

The uplifting and tender piece has been painted by artist Cheryll Kinsley Potter, who is Bob’s partner.

High-quality prints of the painting have been produced and every sale will benefit The Sharpham Trust, which operates Sharpham Meadow on the outskirts of Totnes, South Devon.

“Initially we said we’d do a few prints for family & friends who said they’d like them,” said Bob. “Then I thought it would be a good idea to approach other people with their loved-ones at Sharpham Meadow, and that’s when I approached the Sharpham Trust”.

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A beautiful depiction

The valley-vista in the artwork is a highlight of the burial ground.

The flowers and grasses in the painting beautifully depict the land, which is cared for as an organic hay-meadow, supporting wildlife and plants, including kestrels, barn owls and pollinating insects.

Said Cheryll, who first visited Sharpham Meadow a year ago with Bob: “I was completely struck with the view from the burial ground and thought that a painting of this amazing view that’s so peaceful and beautiful would be a lovely thing to remember someone no longer living.”

She added: “I’m always looking for places that strike me like that. I decided to make a painting. Bob loved it and everyone who’s seen it says they love it.”

Burials at Sharpham Trust

Tanja remembered

Tanja went to school in Totnes, and gravitated to London, but she maintained a strong network of friends.

She died suddenly in early 2019 and more than 80 people attended her funeral. She is survived by her sister Liisa who lives locally.

artwork depicting Sharpham Meadow
Cheryll Kinsley Potter

How to purchase a print

The prints are for sale via The Sharpham Trust website here: 

A proportion of each sale will be donated to The Sharpham Trust by Bob Price.

Sharpham Meadow

Learn more about Sharpham Meadow here: