Growing Awareness - planting potatoes and picking peas

6th May, 2019
by Julian | 1 Min Read
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Welcome to the latest news-post about The Barn's gardens with Barn Gardener Luci Edwards

Planting potatoes and picking peas

Wow, what a busy time of year in the garden!

You turn your back for one second and you come back to a jungle of grass and spring flowers.

May is the last chance to sow seeds of plants that need lots of time to develop, especially squash, sweetcorn and leeks.

Don't worry if you miss your window of opportunity - you can always buy plants as seedlings, or swap with other gardeners.

May is also the best time to plant your maincrop potatoes, which will be ready for early autumn.

We are very fortunate at the Barn to have two amazing polytunnels so we are seeing our first pea crop - the challenge is not to eat the tender shells before the peas form!

June is just around the corner, which means the end of the annual 'hungry gap' and the arrival of the first summer crops.

So after all your hard work sowing seeds and prepping beds remember to enjoy and savour harvesting, cooking and eating the fruits of your labour.

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