Gardening: Luci updates us with her July activities

13th July, 2023
by Katie | 1 Min Read
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Luci gives us an update on the The Barn's gardens, and shares some photos:

Summer is here in the Barn garden! It's all looking very beautiful thanks to the hard work of all the retreatants who visit The Barn. 

Despite the long dry spell we had - hurray for rain! - everything is flourishing, mostly due to some amazing watering efforts by coordinators and solo retreatants staying in the garden cabin. 

This past month has been bountiful, with courgettes, beetroot,  beans (french, broad and runner!!) and endless bowls of salad gracing our lunch table. We even had a mega-haul of garlic from the polytunnel to ward off any stray vampires. 

In the spirit of impermanence, we are already looking ahead to the colder seasons. This time of the summer is called 'second spring' by some gardening geeks, because it's when you sow the seeds for autumn and winter crops.

We have broccoli, red cabbage and kale on the go, as well as kalette, a cross between kale and brussel sprouts which we are really excited about! 

Many thanks to all the retreatants who have helped out in the garden this year, as ever our bountiful harvest is all down to you.