Frequently Asked Questions - The Barn Retreat

  • What previous meditation experience do Barn retreatants have?

    All retreatants have had some (from little to lots) experience of meditation.  Meditation sittings are up to 40 minutes, and many are not guided, so we recommend complete beginners attend a Sharpham House Beginners' Retreat before coming to the Barn.

  • Can I come on a Barn retreat with a friend or partner?

    We recommend you come on a Barn retreat without anyone you know.  If you bring an important part of your life with you then you aren’t really retreating!  However, we realise for some people it isn’t possible to come separately (eg visiting the country together). In this case we ask you to engage with the retreat as individuals.

  • Are Barn retreats helpful for people with mental health difficulties?

    Mental health difficulties and Sharpham Mindfulness Courses and Retreats

    Although mindfulness can be helpful in managing stress, depression and anxiety, our courses and retreats might not be suitable if you are experiencing an episode of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression or other serious psychiatric illness.  If you are at a low point in a cycle of depression for example mindfulness and meditation can sometimes make matters worse. This is because it can be just too difficult to concentrate and thoughts and feelings can quickly start to feel overwhelming.

    For these reasons we have a process designed to make sure that the course or retreat that individuals wish to book on to is right for them at this point in time.

    Our booking process

    Once you have booked on to a retreat you will be sent a link to a confidential questionnaire where you can provide information about your health needs. This questionnaire will be reviewed by a member of staff and if needed he or she will make contact with you.

    If you are supported by a community mental health care team we might ask for your permission to speak to a psychiatric nurse or other relevant professional to help us make sure a retreat is right for you at this time.

    In some cases we might recommend that you wait until you’re feeling a little better or suggest that you undertake an 8 week course or similar to gain more experience of mindfulness as a more gradual introduction to this practice. If this is the case – you will of course be offered a full refund or transfer to a course at a later date.

  • What is the difference between The Barn, Sharpham House and Woodland Retreats?

    The Barn Retreat offers 6-day meditation retreats throughout the year in a wonderful converted old Devon Linhay. Retreats are based on a contemporary approach to Western Buddhism and participants have the chance to experience a schedule of mindfulness practice, teacher-led inquiry and working meditation in the organic garden.

    Sharpham House offers secular mindfulness retreats with the opportunity to stay in a beautiful Grade 1-listed Georgian mansion house at the centre of the estate and surrounded by superb gardens. Retreats at Sharpham House are fully catered for with cooks and house-keeping staff in attendance. Retreats include 3-day Beginners' mindfulness, as well as a variety of themed retreats such as singing, yoga and walking.

    Woodland Retreats are a unique chance to stay in our woodland campsite in the grounds of Sharpham House with a focus on mindfulness and connecting to nature. Guided by our experienced leaders, participants will explore mindfulness in the inspirational setting offered by the Estate’s woodlands, gardens and parkland.

    All of the above retreats are set at different locations across the beautiful 550-acre Sharpham Estate with views over the River Dart in an area of designated outstanding natural beauty.

  • Why do retreats at the Barn cost less than at Sharpham House?

    Costs are kept lower at the Barn because gardening, cooking and household tasks are shared in community by volunteer coordinators and retreatants.  

    Retreats at Sharpham House are fully catered. Also, Sharpham House is a large Grade 1-listed building with far higher overheads.

  • What's the food like at The Barn?

    Excellent! All of our food is vegetarian, and 99.5% organic.

  • What dietary needs can you accommodate?

    We can accommodate gluten-free and/or vegan dietary needs. However, our kitchen is not gluten, dairy nor nut-free.

    Please make sure you include dietary restrictions and any food allergies on your Booking Form. We may need to communicate further with you about specifics.

    The booking form will be sent as a link once you have booked and paid for a retreat.

  • Do I need to be fit to work in the garden?

    No. The work is as easy as you like. We can find work to suit all abilities and physical conditions; even indoor tasks if you wish.

  • What time do Barn Retreats start and finish?

    Arrival time for all Barn retreats is between 2pm and 4pm.  Departure time is after 9am and before 11am.

  • How do I get to The Barn from Totnes Train Station?

    The Barn is about three miles by road and about 10-15 minutes from Totnes Train Station.

    A taxi will cost about £12-18. 

    We also offer a Sunday 3pm pick-up service from Totnes Train station but we will need to know if you want to use this ten days in advance of your retreat's start date. You can tell us on your Booking Form or email [email protected] to be added to the pick-up list.

    Alternatively some people choose to walk or cycle from Totnes - a great way to draw yourself out of the world and into retreat.

    Click here to go our our Find Us page, giving road, walking/cycling maps and directions

  • How do I find out more and book?

    You can view all of our retreats, courses and events and book easily and securely online through our calendar  or by phoning 01803 732661 or emailing [email protected] 

  • Why are Sharpham retreats so cheap?

    The Sharpham Trust is a registered charity (number: 285767) and a social enterprise which endeavours to keep the costs as low as possible by subsidising various aspects of the courses and retreats.