Mindfulness at Sharpham

Here at Sharpham, we can help introduce you to mindfulness - or deepen your existing practice. For 40 years, we've been helping people to understand and apply mindfulness to their daily lives.

We are an internationally-recognised centre for mindfulness, offering a rich programme of courses and retreats, in a breath-taking and tranquil setting where you can be embraced by nature, helping you to restore and reconnect with yourself.

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Welcome to the practice of mindfulness. You may not know it but if you’re coming to the systematic cultivation of mindfulness for the first time, you may very well be on the threshold of a momentous shift in your life, something subtle and, at the same time, potentially huge and important, which just might change your life

                                       - Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness for Beginners

The River Dart at Sharpham

Mindfulness close to nature at Sharpham

Our vision is to build a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally-sustainable world.

In Sharpham’s peaceful location, our participants find that they can really develop and deepen a meditation practice and their mindful awareness, close to nature.

When you experience Sharpham's inspiring and nourishing environment, we hope you'll connect spiritually with the natural world, so you’ll:

  • become aware of how we are all part of nature - not artificially separate from it
  • pay attention to and appreciate the natural world surrounding us
  • explore nature through your senses and your natural creativity
  • Tread more lightly on our finite planet, developing a respect and reverence for all living things

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Our teachers

We have qualified and nationally-respected teachers and we have links to leading authorities on the practice of and the evidence base for the benefits of mindfulness.

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