Bespoke offers

Bespoke offers

Do you think your staff team or group could benefit from mindfulness?

Many organisations and groups are discovering the positive benefits of mindfulness for their employees and colleagues, helping to enhance personal well-being and resilience and creating a more sustainable working environment.  

As well as our mindfulness courses for the public, we also offer courses tailored to organisations and groups including teachers, health care professionals, charities, social enterprises and companies.

All are led by experienced and trained teachers who adhere to the UK best practice guidelines for mindfulness teachers.

Benefits include:

  • An increased ability to cope with difficult and stressful situations
  • Improvements in concentration, focus and moving beyond habitual patterns of thinking
  • A kinder, more compassionate approach to dealing with challenges
  • An enhanced overall sense of well-being


We offer the following programmes:

1-day Introduction to Mindfulness at Sharpham

1-day Introduction to Mindfulness: Suitable for those new to mindfulness, offering safe, accessible and simple practices to help manage stress and enhance overall well-being.

Mindfulness for Health and Well-being course8-week Mindfulness for Health and Well-being: This course is suitable for those new to mindfulness, as well as those wishing to refresh and practise their skills. This non-residential, course of weekly two-hour sessions provides an in-depth exploration of mindfulness skills and techniques within a tried and tested framework, recognised by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

1-day Introduction to Mindfulness for Health and Social Care Practitioners1-day Introduction to Mindfulness for Health and Social Care Practitioners: This course covers the benefits of applying mindfulness within health and social care settings, as well as techniques that can be used for positive mental health and stress reduction at work. The course is run by experienced mindfulness teachers with a background in health and social care.

1-day Introduction to Mindfulness in Schools1-day Introduction to Mindfulness in Schools: This is an opportunity to introduce your colleagues and staff to the benefits of developing mindfulness programmes for children and young people. The course acts well as an introduction to the extended .b and Paws b curricula developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

1-Day Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers1-Day Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers: This course will enable teachers to learn how mindfulness can help with managing the stressful demands of the classroom, as well as increasing their well-being and resilience within an educational setting.

Venues and costs

All of the above courses can be delivered here at Sharpham (subject to availability of venue and teacher), or alternatively we can come to your work place or venue of your choice. This may include an additional charge for travel and overnight accommodation. All courses are based on participants bringing their own packed lunch, however lunch costs can also be included.

What next?

If you are considering a mindfulness course for your organisation or group, please get in touch on the details below and we can discuss your organisation's needs.

If you would like to know more about courses tailored to your organisation, contact:

Name: Ben Ballard, Programme & Development Manager
Tel: 01803 731801
Email: [email protected]
Address: The Sharpham Trust, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7UT