Forage for Wild Medicine Day

Discover the amazing world of wild herbal medicine with Brigit-Anna NcNeill. Take an in-depth look at the wild herbs growing all around the breath-taking grounds of Sharpham Estate and their fascinating uses.

Wild Medicine Day with Brigit-Anna McNeill at Sharpham

Explore wild plants that can help with your nervous system, digestion and immunity by taking a medicinal foraging walk on the beautiful Sharpham Estate. Learn how to turn these plants into potent medicines for your personal medicine bag or cabinet, and discover easy ways to include wild seasonal nourishers, strengtheners and cleansers into your diet for a healthier you.

This day course allows you time to connect with the land, identify and harvest wild herbs and make a seasonal wild medicine to take home with you.  Brigit will guide you through what syrups, salves, herbal vinegars and glycerites / tinctures are and pass on some of her recipes too.

This event costs £45 per person for the day and is suitable for adults aged 16 and over. 

On the course you will learn:

•             How to use sight, touch, smell and taste to get an idea of what each plant can do

             How to use herbs safely

•             How to forage and gather respectfully and safely

•             How to make some remedies from foraged herbs

•             The physical, emotional and spiritual uses of the herb

•             The energetics and folklore of the herb

•             Preparations which suit individual herbs

•             Learn some of the signatures of the herbs

•             How to introduce wild herbs into your life in easy and accessible ways

Wild Medicine Day with Brigit-Anna McNeill at Sharpham

This day is for you if you are:

•             Keen to explore the world of wild medicine

•             Interested in learning more about the natural world

•             Wanting to understand more about your health and wellbeing

•             Enthusiastic about plants and natural remedies

What should you bring?

•             A packed lunch and snacks

•             2 clean glass jars (medium or small, not large)

•             Hat and warm clothes

•             Waterproofs

•             Good comfy shoes or wellies

•             Paper and pen if you want to take notes

•             Bottle of water

•             A basket with a handle for foraging, if you have one (optional)

The day runs from 10am to 4.30pm

Follow the signs to the woodland car park on entering the Sharpham Estate (at the top of the hill before descending steeply towards Sharpham House). Brigit will meet you in the woodland kitchen, your base camp for the day, for an introduction and a cup of wild herbal tea.

You will learn to connect to plants, how to harvest them, where they grow and what their medicinal values are. We will forage for the wild medicine and then you will begin the first stage of the medicine making process. If time allows, you will turn the prepared plant material into medicines to take home for your medicine cabinet.

We will eat an early lunch around the fire in the woods – Brigit will prepare some warm tea, but please bring along your own packed lunch.


Brigit is amazing, wise beyond her years! I have seen the world with new eyes and can’t wait to do more walks with her

Brigit is full of knowledge and a lovely person to spend a day with, I felt truly inspired and it has awakened in me a thirst for nature!

Amazing food and an amazing experience thank you Brigit and thank-you Sharpham

Sharpham is stunning and I didn’t want to leave, the wild food was gorgeous, the walk breath taking. The day surpassed my expectation

Brigit you wild goddess you! I will never look at plants in the same way again.

Brigit is the Nigella of the woods!

A real medicine woman that made me see with my heart and eyes. I felt more in my body and more alive than I have for ages. I feel happy, content and my belly in full!

If you’ve always wanted to connect deeply to wild medicinal herbs and have a medicine chest filled with your own hand-made and foraged remedies which give you joy and healing then these days are for you

I have learnt so much, I will never look at the natural world around me in the same way. Thank you so much for all the new wisdom I have gained

I came worried that I didn’t know enough about plants but Brigit is so good that I immediately felt at ease. I loved hearing the folklore of the plants and medicinal properties too. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Follow the signs to the woodland car park on entering the Sharpham Estate (at the top of the hill before descending towards Sharpham House). Brigit will meet you in the woodland kitchen, your base camp for the day, for an introduction and a cup of wild herbal tea.

Click here for directions to The Sharpham Trust.

£45 per person for the day (age 16+).

Brigit-Anna McNeill - foraging leader

Brigit-Anna McNeill - foraging leader


Brigit is a professional forager, earth based herbalist, facilitator, nature connection guide and therapist. She takes people on a journey of reconnecting to their own nature and innate wisdom, inviting them into deeper relationship with life through immersion in and with the natural world.

Following an MA in Art psychotherapy, Brigit trained in wilderness therapy and mentoring. This journey then led her to being apprenticed to renowned elders in herbalism and the ancient art of foraging

Brigit loves to guide others in nature to see it as they have never seen it before; as the missing community they have always craved.

Brigit's knowledge and passion for plants is fantastic and infectious, whether for medicine, food or spiritual ally.  

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